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Just a 14 year old who's last name is dingus, home schools himself and has some free time on his hands thus I can make stuff that has a lot of detail in it and try to make it mobile friendly at the same time it normally takes 15 days-60 days to make something... If you like my builds be sure to up vote and follow thanks.

Games I play:

AQ First Contact, War Robots, World of Tanks, Minecraft, SimCity, Forge of Empires, Critical Ops, and this game.

Activity: daily....And btw I am STILL waiting on SnoWFLakE0s FT codes in case you were wondering :/

I downloaded the game some time in 2018

Current projects:

Halo ring ——————————————————————————— Project completion 0%
Funky Tree Custom Missile V.2.0 ———————————————— Project completion 98%
FX Project Aircraft——————————————————————— Project completion 7%


Bronze some time around February 2022

Silver: 9-17-2022

Previously known as USCxOwner