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Hello there, this is my profile. I aim to make simple(ish) crafts/Air Defense Buildings. I like cats, vehicles and and Video games. I have an Xbox360 and a ps4. EDIT: I also have spvr .

I like planes such as the F-14, and giant airliners, like a passenger version of the an-225 myria.

My brand is the kelley corporation, and KWPM for military units.

Oh! My pilots are from all continents! You will know usually by camouflage where they are from. (Snow stone will have white planes, and wright will have black planes, as they are stealth misters.)
Edit: why the hecc did I put this in here?


FYI: I bought SPiOS on the summer of 2021, so I’m not THAT green.

I know Spacepickle3214 irl and I introduced him into this game.

Achieved silver 9/17/22, almost one and a half years into playing this beautiful game, with 10 months on my account.

Thank you all, and I wish your pillow be cold on both sides tonight.
-The one who’s name means Mitsubishi Lancer.

More about me—
I see various forms of aircraft fly over my house— usually helos and F-16s but occasionally there will be a chinook or a B-2, sometimes I will see 747s. I live close to airbases and airports.

Southwest is my favorite airline.

The first game I beat was Halo:Reach, I think.

FGOATS: five(!) way tie: Between Borderlands II, NFS: most wanted 2012, Ace Combat 6, Forza Motorsport 4, and last but Definitely not least: Portal 2.
Honorable mentions COD black ops I, and R6V2, SimplePlanes, Skate, AC: black flag.
Don’t judge me, I grew up on the X360.

Anyone remember world at war? Call ‘o’ duty? Yeah so I beat that game in one sitting, with Co-op and a friend.

I do my best to skateboard. Not good at it but it’s fun!

Wish me happy birthday during:
-While Christmas lights are still up
-Mid monthish.