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Hi and welcome to possibly the most ununique bio ever
My name is Arthur, if you want to talk to me on discord for some reason here's my tag: -->ArthurKal#5573 <-- now just in case of potential fakes or copies look at the entire name with the tag. #5573
I'm Russian, Live in Sweden and I exist.
Fun fact, I was born at a very young age.
Click here for face reveal and Q&A
Some cool achievements on sp I guess:
#1 & #2 top rated posts in construction equipment tag
#1 top rated post in tank tag
#1 top rated post in russia tag

Here's some useful links I guess:
Simple cheats, XML cheat sheet
TOS;DR|Terms of Service; Didn't Read
Where I Am Located On The Users List
SnoWFLakE0s' Funky Trees guide stuff that I might learn with eventually but is useful
Pointer Pointer
Find The Invisible Cow

That's all for now... fun bio... I know... (not)