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  • Closed Alpha for SimplePlanes VR 2 days ago

    Quick question: will school be able to participate in closed alpha

  • Working ILS In SimplePlanes! 14 days ago

    The Cessna and airliner bois are gonna have fun with this

  • Test Dummy 18 days ago

    Beam ng

  • 1.11 Beta is now available 19 days ago

    Quick question, if we were to download a file to 3D print an object, and the creation has text on it, will the 3D file have the text in it?

  • Saab J35 Draken 21 days ago

    The pictures, I took screenshots while playing the game and used the orthographic view @p6284

  • 1.11 Beta is now available 22 days ago

    Can we also use the bug support to also put in suggestions?

  • 1.11 Beta is now available 23 days ago

    I WANT TO BE A BETA TESTOR@AndrewGarrison

  • 1.11 Beta is now available 24 days ago

    Can you tag me when they are available for IOS testing?@AndrewGarrison

  • God f***ing DAMMIT Kris where the F*** ARE WE? 26 days ago

    Ah I see, a man of culture@soldier289

  • Phalanx Close-In Weapon System Minions 29 days ago

    Why is Kevin pissing in the sky?

  • DFS-230 glider Tow one month ago

    My point is you roasted people who buy Nvidia cards@TheHaggisBasher

  • DFS-230 glider Tow one month ago

    No, but B R U H, you just roasted the entire Nvidia community because I use an IPhone11@TheHaggisBasher

  • hi iam new one month ago

    The mods are dealing with them, look at one of my forums about these accounts@JuanNotAnAlt

  • hi iam new one month ago

    I know@JuanNotAnAlt

  • When the Tropical Storm is Bussin’ one month ago

    You live in Louisiana?@realSavageMan

  • When the Tropical Storm is Bussin’ one month ago

    Which state do you live in?@AWESOMENESS360

  • SPVR Update - Labels one month ago

    Will there be a way for us IOS users to participate in the beta testing?@AndrewGarrison

  • PBY Chuck Glider one month ago


  • the drone one month ago

    Nice looking drone, I was kind of hoping that this drone would only be able to fly up and then turn off the engine and glide around

  • hi iam new one month ago

    We are not happy to have him here, he is a scam account that is similar to other accounts all owned by the same person, we don’t want him here, you can look at one of my forums, the mods are dealing with this person, I gave a description of how to identify these guys@ShinyGemsBro

  • The Drift express V1.0 one month ago

    How do you make the text big and blue? @TheTuner35

  • Bush Trainer RC Plane one month ago

    Me two, except I don’t have any motors, batteries, wires; basically I don’t have any electronics, where do you get your plans or do you build them yourself? If you get them from a website, there is this awesome PBY Catalina Chuck Glider that someone made, I will look for the link of it and it is really cool @ACEPILOT109
    Edit: here is the link: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/request-for-a-pby-chuck-glider.62387/
    the first attachment in the forums is a file that you can print out on a single piece of paper, the second post that has 4 attachments is the same file but it is edited to where you can print it out in normal size paper (8.5 by 11 aka A4)

  • Alraigo Container Ship (Alraigo Incident) one month ago

    Man, that incident was a win win for the crew

  • SimplePiggies Fighter one month ago


  • how to make a plane? one month ago

    Most of them are fake. The ones that only have a few hundred points are all owned by the same person and he is doing this with multiple accounts trying to get all of them to the top page with little to no effort@210100

  • Mark 3 suspension test type one month ago

    I like it, but there is one change I would make. The change is to name it “Breakdance robot”

  • The Drift express V1.0 one month ago

    Is Charles the conductor or the driver?

  • A post regarding a few suspicious accounts one month ago

    @Seeras @Vincent

  • A post regarding a few suspicious accounts one month ago

    There are also more but these are just a few. Once again, I do not know if this is just a coincidence and they all accidentally named themselves the same way, but it does seem a little suspicious @Mikey101234

  • A post regarding a few suspicious accounts one month ago

    HotTee, Dumytoy, NewGunner, CanYou, HomeDoor

  • Pen + Set square = Airplane one month ago

    I wonder if this actually works if you put paper over the holes of the triANGLE

  • "Little boy" nuclear bomb 2 months ago

    I know. @RINGMING

  • "Little boy" nuclear bomb 2 months ago

    Yes, I tried making my own but it doesn’t look realistic on the outside. But yeah, you can look at my posts and see what it looks like a few days ago. I just scaled it down to be able to fit in the bomb bay. If you want, I can upload the current version of the plane. @RINGMING

  • "Little boy" nuclear bomb 2 months ago

    Is it ok if I use it in my B-29?

  • Simple MQ-9 Reaper 2 months ago

    Actually, it is.@RYAviation

  • DFS-230 glider Tow 2 months ago

    Some creations are 10000 parts@TheHaggisBasher

  • Simple MQ-9 Reaper 2 months ago

    That is how it is in real life, besides, it can be considered a tail drager @RYAviation

  • DFS-230 glider Tow 2 months ago

    The b-17 was originally made out of 925 parts@TheHaggisBasher

  • DFS-230 glider Tow 2 months ago

    I’m going to make another one @Bonelesspizza

  • Type-66 37mm AA Gun, Quad Mount 2 months ago

    Bro, the bogota 40mm had an even slower fire rate and had an even lower “ammo clip”

  • Dfs-230 2 months ago

    (This is by no means a threat but) you better not make a BV-40 cause I call dibs@TatsuTheOtaku

  • Dfs-230 2 months ago


  • The Glider Challenge 2 months ago

    Bro, I know mine is late but can you check mine out? @TheGliderGuy I literally made my DFS-230 a few days ago without of this challenge in mind and I created it because nobody made one that is modern: https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/rjvin5/DFS-230-glider-Tow

  • DFS-230 2 months ago


  • Simple B-29 2 months ago

    @jamesPLANESii yes, but I like doing this as an update on progress

  • Simple Piggies - A Second Look 2 months ago


  • skr-EBR 75 2 months ago


  • Bell P-59 Airacomet 2 months ago

    Looks great. The one thing I would do though is if you add an actual cockpit, make the fuselage pieces that make the shape of the cockpit have smooth front and backs and then rotate them 90 degrees so that the front and back parts of the pieces will connect to each other thus will form a smooth fuselage. If you need to know what I am talking about, look at my b-17 bomb bay

  • Simple B-17 2 months ago

    @Ruvien0Republic0Engineer how is this for my second actual project?