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-I lift my drink and sing a song
-For who knows if life be short or long
-Man's life is but the morning dew
-Past days many, future ones few
-The melancholy my heart begets
-Comes from cares I cannot forget
-Who can unravel these woes of mine
-I know but one man... the God of Wine
-Disciples dressed in blue
-My heart worries for you
-You are the cause
-Of this song without pause
-Across the bank a deer bleats
-In the wilds where it eats
-Honored guests I salute
-Strike the harp! Play the flute
-Bright is the moon's spark
-Never ceasing never dark
-Thoughts of you from deep inside
-Cannot settle, cannot subside
-Stars around the moon are few
-Southward the crows flew
-Flying with no rest
-Where shall they nest
-No mountain too steep
-No ocean too deep
-Sages rush when guests call
-So at their feet the empire does fall