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Hello buddy! Have a nice watch of my designs. Don't forget to upvote, it helps me a lot!

I like futuristic builds and cutting-egde technology, vehicles, systems... I love to create fictional designs. Engineering and Science are my passion and I hope some day, my full time job. Everything that has a minimun of technology is automatically admired by me.

Contact me in Discord by this exact username if you want collab or just have a good conversation 😄

Gold reached: 19-11-2022 ~7:00 p.m.
Player who made me reach it: Atrocitum


Game recomendations
  • Minecraft
  • AC7 Skies Unknown
  • Subnautica
  • Project Wingman
  • SE3, SE4, SE5
  • Men of War franchise
  • Panzers franchise (old by now, but still good)
  • SP (obviously)
  • Wargame franchise
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Company of Heroes II
  • CTA: Gates of Hell
  • Metric system superior, imperial system most inferior
  • Doggos are man's best friend. Must be protected at all costsssss :)
  • Doesn't matter what you do in your job, all paths lead to Excel
  • In a society we live in
Other things I like:

I consider myself a salad lover/enjoyer.
Salads are definetely the superior form of nutrition of our time.