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Hello buddy! Welcome to my profile of SP, the place where I upload my favourite creations of all kinds of vehicles, from planes to ships. I like this game because the sandbox mode lets me express my creativity while making my builds, and sharing them with the rest of this huge community.

I'm on the way of becoming an engineer, and during the process, I'm taking a lot of theory but not enough practice and not many current aplications, so in this place I feel like that all that knowledge goes to something more physical and concrete, doing more than just study or solving trivial problems.

Obviously, I'm not making wonders of engineering or vehicles that will exist in real life, but at least it is a step forward to enhance my designing skills in a interesting and cool way.

Engineering is fun when you can apply all that theorical base into something practical and useful, but only solving equations or reading books is not enough.

I'm always trying to make better builds, but sometimes it's too much effort or simply not worth it. I've seen some models that are far away from mine, in terms of design, XML editing... But I'll try anyway... XD

Have a watch of my designs, enjoy them and if you can, give me cool suggestions.