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Mirage and Rafale lover

About me

I come from NZ
Currently speak French at B2 level
TT Russia ground and France aviation + ground on WT
Leclerc SXXI >>>
Mirage enthusiast, Rafale connoisseur

Future Builds

In no particular order as of 25/07/2024

Land Vehicles

  • Wheeled TD - Centauro B1 inspired (Not started)
  • MBT - Type 10/Leclerc inspired (In progress)
  • IFV - Uninspired (Not started)


  • Multirole Fighter - Dassault Rafale inspired (Not started)
  • Air Superiority Fighter - Dassault Mirage 2000 inspired (Not started)
  • Attack Helicopter - Eurocopter inspired (Not started)

Previously known as ORNGe