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Do you want to annihilate your enemies with no sense of remorse, mercy, or guilt? Do you want engines of mass destruction at your greedy, disgusting, grubby fingertips?

At Patterson-Rgenj, we make these weapons of mass destruction with the cost of absolutely free, Patterson being the railgun branch and Rgenj being the superlazer branch. Rgenj merged with Patterson after his company got blown up by a very unfortunate ‘su-57 fail’ incident.

I’ve been on simpleplanes for around 3 years now, and NO I AM NOT AWESOMENESS360’S ALT ACCOUNT

If you want to use one of my creations, be free to message me and let me know about what you want to use it for. If it is for wrecking some innocent ship minding its own business off the coast of wright island, I'm all for it.

I'm Awful at building tanks and planes, but I do have my specialty in tank tracks and treads.

I am also a massive tank enthusiast, I dont like german tanks because 2 complex for smol smoth brain to undrstand

Favourite Creations:
Z-1 “Zeus” Mass Driver Cannon
Z-46 “Dragon’s Fury” MRL
Realistic Tank Treads

Awesomeness360: "Nooooooo you cant just mock my beloved PyrhPan like that! it has actual lore and good builds!"

Me: "Haha mas drivr canin go B O I N G

“pyrhpan sux lmao” -Sun Tzu, The Art of War