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Hello. IM BACK!

I don’t know whether I will return. I have been struggling to try to find motivation recently, not just at SimplePlanes, at pretty much everything. If I do return, I will likely post a few things and maybe go on another hiatus. Cheers.
Fictional Company: MOP Corp.
We are a simple munitions/aerospace company dedicated to [REDACTED] and many other [REDACTED]. We have put people deep in space, opened rifts to different dimensions, made a wormhole gun, and so much more, and we don’t plan on stopping. If you would like to make a business partnership, please meet us at [REDACTED], Wright Island. We have no bias against using excessive force to get what we need.
I am partnered with Shnippy Co
And LMS Corp.


Mr Jenkins Playthings International
Mr Jenkins
Rocket Jenkins (you can find a link for him on the original Jenkins)
Full Metal Jenkins (you can find a link for him on original Jenkins)
Silver reached April 14
Hey, if your here you want to know something, but instead, I’ll give you this rickroll.