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someone who makes simple planes in a game called simpleplanes
lives in idaho
uploads daily (pretty much every day)
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"im physically an orange, but mentally a pizza" - a wise orange
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April 15th, my account is now 9 months old as I see now
1 year old: 7/14/2024
6/6/2024 at 11:18 AM my strike went out
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(Estimate) Bronze Aug 20th - 30th 2023
Silver: 9/17/2023
Gold 10/18/2023 [probaly, or the 17th]
10k: 11/7/2023 around night [21–22]
Passed Cfcoh: 11/26/2023
14k: 11/27/2023
15k: 12/3/2023
18k: 1/29/2024 (early morning lol)
20k: 3/1/2024
21k: 3/9/2024
23k: 3/29/2024
25k: 4/6/2024 (some people got together to make me uncomfortable with the color being platnum instead of gold)
26k: 4/7/2024 (tommorow 3ds and Wii u servers go down)
27k: 4/19/2024
28k: 4/27/2024
29k: 5/4/2024
30k: 5/10/2024
31k: 5/16/2024
32k: 5/20/2024
33k: 5/26/2024
34k: 6/1/2024
35k: 6/6/2024
36k: 6/11/24 (I think I need to combine these into a fourm post
I forgot 37k lol
38k: 6/20/24
39k: 6/27/24, may still be the 26th for some of you others
40K: 6/27/24
41k: 7/7/2024 (or maybe the 6th idk)
42k: probably 7/11/2024
43k: 7/16/2024

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"im physically an orange, but mentally a pizza" - a wise orange
"Earth without _H is just fart" - Vsauce
"no cuz of my mom cuz ‘’I’m to young to play Roblox’’

a lie

Ryan-air has never had a fatal crash Ryan-air has an excellent safety record. In its 37 years of existence, there have been zero passenger or crew member fatalities. - genious


link to juno account
not really my account, but my brothers account
Roblox account
Fun fact: in Roblox account > creations › models & packages, you can find stuff from Simpleplanes

I'm in da friends list!!

Auroraplanes (I might just be a person that helps idk)
Pack of yam
Chris chanting too

useful stuff

The true best planes

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1991 points on sep28 2023
1999 poiints sep29 2023
2014 points on sep 29 2023
2029 points on sep29 2023
13k points on nov22 2023


Fuselaging is a process where I remake blocky planes and make them fuselage
First post of that was the "Tutorial Fuselage"
Was after my Taiwanese ball, which sadly is no longer with us
Then there was German Fuselage, German Corsair but fuselage, and then fuselage 414, Boxglow's Cesna 414 but fuselaged, then fuselage Corsair, a fossil revamped, then the Fuselage transport, Super transport fuselage, then most recently theres the Fuselage-29

That is phil
. /\
Phil got pushed above the usernames, no one, and I say no none goes down there

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