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Hello there. I am new here so ...... follow me so that you get to see my planes 0 _o
I might post some parts too o _^

You can call me mad, mady, raze or whatever...

My Discord name

Completed projects:

LFJ 30
LFJ 30 PRO (bigger and better, fuel efficient, more payload)
LFJ 30 X (stealth, bigger and better, fuel efficient, more payload, more speed {the last version of LFJ 30 series}

P-20X-1 Front swept wing concept

AQUILA (A bomber for non-mobile players)
AQUILA (A bomber for mobile players)

LYRA-50 (for non-mobile players)
LYRA-50M (for mobile players)
LYRA-100X (for mobile players)
LYRA-MAX1000 (for mobile and non-mobile players)

RZ-30 (My first Tank)



Most of my planes are fictional
Most of my planes will have a cockpit
I try to make a plane for both PC and mobile players