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"Manufacturer of Various Car"

I am engaged in the creation of various cars, it is either a replica or a fictional car. Since I am a big fan of American transport, I often make musclecars or pickups similar to American ones.
One of the main principles was the creation of a more detailed suspension and pleasant handling, I will ask you to note "pleasant" as it would be possible to make a huge van ride like a Formula One car, but it is more correct and interesting if it will roll and roll in turns.

I produce different types of cars with different names ,for example:

ARC - these are passenger cars, usually sedans of american appearance

Maxwell - these are pickups and SUVs

Hachidori - this is a Japanese brand aimed at creating semi sports cars

SG - this is a variety of heavy equipment: trucks, vans, special equipment

NI - this class is intended for anything that does not fit the above notation

Phoenix - these are sports cars, supercars, hypercars and race cars

Previously known as Nickil0212