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75% of statistics are made up on the spot including this one.

Hey… Words are hard, so… Don’t judge! Also, socializing…
(Almost forgot, I like trains…)

Meaning-less internet point milestones:
Account! - October 1st 2018

1000! - sometime in 2018?

2000! - December 2nd 2021

3000! - May 30th 2022

5000! - August 27th 2022

Links to amazing things!
Better Train storage (locomotives)
Even Better Train Storage! (Rolling Stock)
Probably better than better train storage (EMUs, Bullets, & Trams)
Let me know if I am missing one of your creations!

Helpful links
If then FT explanation -TheFlightGuySP
FT inputs and more -WNP78
Ultimate XML guide -AV8R

Projects to look forward to:

-CKRY 381 [80% but 0% motivation]

GE B32-8 [40%]

-European Passenger Car

Flatcar (SPR)

Don’t wager your username if you can’t guarantee victory

Previously known as Mrm19, TryBackDoor19