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HI!!!... You can call me Meow if you want to..
Im a Boy
Interested in Aviation when i was smol...
I’m a Normal Indonesian Boy living his own live....


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”Be Polite, Be Efficient!...”


”You We’re Good son!!! Real good, Maybe even the best...”


”Archamedes No!!!..”




”WOOO I’M BACK DUMMY!!! Remember me?!”


”They Can outsmarts me.... But can they outsmart Bullet?...


”Scottish Is Not a real Country!!!... You are an English man with a dress!!!....”


”I Kill your Toys as well...”


”Son!... I’m gonna blow that dumb look out of your Stupid face...”


-Favorite Quotes-

”Mmmh mmh, mm mh mmmmmmhh!!! mmmh...”




My Favorite Plane All Time

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Convair F-106 Delta Dart

North American P-51 Mustang

Airbus A380-800

Boeing 747 VC-25A (Air Force One)

I’m the Typical Sandbox Boy....
Sandbox Games I Play :
-Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
-Project Wheels

I Mostly Build 1st and 2nd Gen Fighter Jet

List of Vietnam War / Korean War Jet i have built :
-F-86 Sabre
-F-105 Thunderchief
-F-111 Aardvark
-P-80 Shooting Star
-F-89 Scorpion
-F-104 Starfighter

Project Incoming :

-Mitsubishi F-1
-random stuff

Bronze : YEET (27 Oct 2020)

Silver : YEET (16 Nov 2020)

Gold : YEET (21 Dec 2020)

Platinum : Cmon I guess... LET’S REACH PLATINUM!!



THATS ALL!!!😃😃 If i have a Project ill edit the Description again, For now This is it...Again ‘THX’ for supporting me from 0 to 100.....THX again for ACEPILOT109 , BlackThuNDR , IndTrainManufacturer And DameTheNewbie ....This is my description, Thx for reading......AND I WILL CYA LATER!!!