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An Englishman with an affinity for the skies, a technical mind, no real eye for styling and a tendency toward science-fiction. What can possibly go wrong?


Milton Aircraft Company: British aircraft firm, active as of 2018. Designed various aircraft throughout the 20th Century, as well as collaborating with the Rockford, Fairbanks and Stanford Corporations to create a wide variety of civil and military designs.

Miles-Bextrom: Experimental aircraft developer. Absorbed into Westcorp Aviation as of 1995. Responsible for numerous VTOL and tiltrotor aircraft innovations.

Leeman Incorporated: US-Based High-Performance aircraft builder, best known for the "Scythe" series High-Mach aircraft. Some experimental commercial types also built but never entered production.

Leeman Canada: Subsidiary of Leeman Incorporated. Primarily responsible for civil turboprop and propeller-driven designs used worldwide.