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  • Not a BUG but You will want to swat it 1.6 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison Please read my above Topic statement. I am not a pleased seeing someone who setup a link for pirating the very company that has provided me 2,130 hours of enjoyment. Not to mention an escape from depression and anxiety.

  • C-27J Spartan 3 months ago

    Back in 1999, I was one of 3 people who watched an Italian guy get killed by the propeller of an Italian Airforce C-27 on the military base in Iceland. It was one of the AFT observers who had to step out to pick up a bag they left outside before taxi. He had the corded headset on and there was a miscommunication between the pilot and him. The pilot advanced the throttle because, he thought the guy said he was clear and inside. It happened so quickly. I was on the edge of the taxi ramp with another guy and we were waiting for them to taxi so we could cross. What I saw sent a weird sensation down my entire body I can never forget. (The other guy who saw it happen was a civilian support person who was refueling a tractor at the time nearby)

  • SI type mothership 2 months ago

    Someone has way too much time on their hands and a video card that could run all of SpaceX

  • Sick of it 2.3 years ago

    can you do a non-moded version of you?

  • Where do you stand? 1.3 years ago

    Cancel Culture sucks. So do trolls. As long as the strike method swings both ways then I am game. Like someone posted earlier, the strikes should be time based and fall off automatically. Say, 90 days for a major rule violation, 30 days for minor offenses. American Baseball method. 3 strikes and your out for a year.

  • > A list of SimplePlanes' multiplayer servers 1.3 years ago

    Feel free to join in on the all NEW USA based SimplePlanes Multiplayer Server!!!

    Server Ping

  • Andrew 5 months ago

    @hpgbproductions @SnoWFLakE0s
    Something this great shouldn't be locked away. This will add so much to SP. Only a handful of people will use it anyway. We can make some Aircraft decals. A little work to make them less taxing on the rendering and this will be a great thing.
    I am working on some basic ones. Nothing as intense as the "Andrew" post.
    Be excited that your talents to create and educate SP users are bettering the community.

  • New Website Feature 4.5 years ago

    Seriously, what is this FACEBOOK? Upvoting comments? LAME
    How about we concentrate our energies on adding more weapons to the game or more parts?

  • Mayonnaise on an working escalator 10 months ago

    Someone needs to use this to make a Biden falling UP the stairs build. LOL

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 10 months ago

    Make a fuselage part which we can shape using a click and drag method. (You click on one of the designated selection points and then drag it to the width or height you want)

  • Player Power 1.2 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison, @Shippy456

    I have now reached 457.816 Gigawatts of Power Donation.

    After a lengthy ER visit and having to have my finger surgically removed due to damage that couldn't be repaired from scrolling for so many hours. I think it's time someone released an update to SimplePlanes. Some more parts to use.
    Pleeeeeeeease. I need it while recuperating from the loss of my finger.

    457.816 GIGAWATTS

  • P-8A Poseidon 1.7 years ago

    I know you only posted that for fun but, honestly what I am about to state is very real.
    The P-8 sees them coming before they can even spool up their engines... One call and that SU-33 will look like a pile of metal. The P-8 can even defend itself. P-3 could also.
    I used to work on P-3's and we could detect and track them way ahead of them ever showing up.
    They always make it a big deal when a fighter plane intercepts a reconnaissance aircraft. It's a joke. For real. It's only a big deal because many of the times the Russians and the Chinese are disrespectful and dangerous when they intercept.
    As with the Hainan Island incident back in 2001.
    I was good friends with the Flight Engineer on that flight. The Chinese had done this to them before and it was the Chinese pilot did the dumbest thing possible. He got behind their wing. You can't do that behind a plane and much much less behind a propeller aircraft. It's called PROP WASH. It causes the trailing plane to lose lift due to the air turbulence. That Chinese pilot almost killed an entire crew because, he wanted to be aggressive. The Russians know better. They are very skilled pilots and while aggressive, they are a force to be respected. Their pilots are as skilled and intelligent as ours in the USA.

  • A-10C Thunderbolt II 2.8 years ago

    Upvote for detail but as for flight. It's like a brick and has nearly no lift.

  • USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier(CV-6) 1.5 years ago

    Would you upload another version without the MOD please

  • COVID-19 Vacaccine 1.7 years ago

    Very clever build. Too bad I wouldn't take that shot. I will do just about any vaccine out there and I have. This one... Hell no. That's like a giant Tuskegee experiment IMO. I will wait it out for another year and see if people start having random seizures or immune systems shutting down. I don't do rushed experiments. I will take my chances with COVID. Plus I live in the state with the second lowest amount of cases and I barely have contact with the public. No direct contact at all besides a cashier at a store.

    I find it quite odd that the USA has such an inflated amount of cases in comparison to the rest of the world. Sure we are the world hub for travel and business. We have the 3rd largest population. But, how can we possibly have more than the 2 largest countries. Hmmm. We know China is lying. India just hasn't caught up all the way with their testing and they are using shoddy tests.

    Then look at all the death that happened back in spring. That is questionable all the way. We know many countries and even the USA was counting non-covid deaths as covid related. All of a sudden the death toll has went almost to none in comparison to covid cases. All of this is very concerning. Sure I say wear a mask and wash your hands. Why not? Who likes to be sick? Obviously, before covid we now know how nasty people were/are.

  • Not feeling too great 2.3 years ago

    Winter Blues.
    * IT IS OK TO CRY. We all should. It relieves things like this*
    I am 43 and I will tell you that you are not a man unless you can cry now and then to let that stress go.
    -Go to a big box store and get under them bright lights. Maybe even just stand there and talk to random people.
    -Don't think farther than today. If you think farther than today it puts a damper on things. We naturally don't think ahead so when we do we get depressed. We plan yes but, don't actually think future.
    -Play upbeat music.
    -Start taking magnesium glycinate once a day. They say 3-4 a day on the bottle but 1 per day is enough or when you feel you need it.
    -Take vitamin D suppliments
    -Start eating yogurt daily. Studies have shown in our antibiotic laden world we kill off all the good bacteria that actually provides enzymes or something that helps build up serotonin.
    -Write down your thoughts.
    -Get up and get moving until you tire.
    -Stay away from alcohol and recreational drugs.
    -Don't read the news. All they do is fear monger and report any bad they can to get ratings. Delete news apps.
    -Walk through the woods if you have any.

    These are my tools. I actually own a big T-5 shop light, I turn on when feeling this way. SUPER BRIGHT! lol

    Lastly, you are not alone. As with all things, it comes and goes. Sometimes that cloud hangs much longer, so you just gotta hold on longer and fight it off. Find ways to cope and test each one. Some things take weeks to get you in a better mood.

  • Someone Is Converting SP Replicas Into 3d Models And Trying To Sell Them 2.9 years ago

    Wow you deleted an account!?!? Super victory! Oh wait... They can just open another account... Under another name, another IP, another purchase of the game under fictitious credentials with the money they made from those "models" he/she had made.
    You got all excited like you conquered something, then you got WOKE.

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 3.0 years ago

    It's sad when you have the most votes on a craft, yet your overall score is only "29K"
    Somehow that is wrong.

  • The Quality You’ve All Been Asking For 3.2 years ago

    If there was a downvote I would click it

  • Sodium chloride 3.3 years ago

    Why is this guy getting all salty bro?

  • SimplePlanes MultiPlayer Servers one month ago

    @JCTECHNOLOGIES You don't believe in FREEDOM do you? Or at least have no concept of what that word really means. Always someone who wants to ban people. There is a mod in place that you can activate to block users you don't want to play with. We don't need more authoritarian governmental controls in our lives. IDC if someone comes in trolling. They eventually stop and go away. If we had a Combat MP map then maybe they wouldn't feel compelled to troll the ones who are just flying around.

  • Island_Builder 5 months ago

    You're just pure amazing! Just when I think there isn't another possible good mod for the game, you end up blowing that right out of the water. Keep being creative and amazing Gestour! You have an amazing and talented mind.

  • B-17 G Flying Fortress 5 months ago

    This should be the FEATURED craft

  • 1.11 Beta is now available 9 months ago

    @AndrewGarrison, @WNP78
    I will post this to the bug report.
    I tried switching to the BETA and it won't launch. Yes, I followed what I could on the Steam support article.

    You do not have permission to open the application “SimplePlanes”. Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance.
    Failed to start process for SimplePlanes :
    OS Error 4294956470
    See the Steam support site for more information

  • SFV Jenny 1.3 years ago

    Where is LT. Dan??

  • framechirper - 1.4 years ago

    You will see "MIN" and "MAX" under the 2nd tab in the OVERLOAD MOD.
    You will set one to "0" and the other to "1" or "-1" and the other to "0". Depends which direction you want it to move.
    You can still adjust the angle normally. Though, if you want it to go 180 degrees then set MIN "0" and MAX to "2" or vice versa.

    Using a hinge as a landing gear- Set "Input" to "LandingGear" and set MIN to "0" and MAX to "1". This will make the hinge be in the neutral position when the game starts and then will retract when you press the landing gear option. (LandingGear is one word no spaces)

    Here is a guide that will help you with possible OVERLOAD or XML changes.

  • “Carrier Takeoff” 1.6 years ago

    Well that takeoff escalated quickly

  • USS Missouri Cinematic Trailer - SimplePlanes 1.8 years ago

    This makes me want a SP MultiPlayer that supports Massive amounts of people and virtually unlimited parts. So we can have a full on massive war from LAND SEAS AND AIR!!! This is an EPIC VIDEO!

  • Beta 1.9.202 2.3 years ago

    @WarHawk95 Lost my Dad when I was 28. Still bothers me today a little. Write your dad a letter. Everything you ever wanted to say. Tell him how it hurts and how you are mad that he left you. Then burn it. It will help you let go some. Remember a father loves their child more than anyone can imagine. His son looks up to him as invincible. That is what makes it so hard. You will be ok friend

  • New beta - 1.8.3 (Steam today, mobile tomorrow) 3.3 years ago

    Thank you and your team for all the updates. Do not be discouraged by people wanting more. They only ask for more because they love what you have created. They just can't wait for more of your excellence.
    Thank you for SP and SR/SR2

  • Celebrities 4.3 years ago

    I don't see this as political. It is just politicians or spawns of Satan. Whichever you prefer to call them. I am not against any singular politician, just all politicians.
    Or you could just ask which of these are the worse of the evils...

    Oh and Trumps hands are WAAAAAAY smaller than that!

  • P-8I ASROC Test one month ago

    Great music with the great video footage. Thanks for the upload

  • Rest In Peace, MU5735 3 months ago


    Regarding Posts

    No sympathy posts or memorial posts. Move those discussions to the forums.

  • AF-55B 'Adelaide' (39 Parts) 3 months ago

    "Don't upvote this"
    I always upvote when told not to. I am a rebel

  • Andrew 5 months ago

    @JustNormalPerson Sure, attach an engine and it will fly

  • SWL-10 Startup 8 months ago

    I love how the engines gauges ramp up and roll back. Looks like the real deal.

  • The new jCalc FT — Jundroo 8 months ago

    @SnoWFLakE0s I was wondering why you are so brilliant. I was going to ask what you do for work. Then I read your BIO. Now, I see you are an aspiring Civil Engineer. I am so glad we have such an intelligent person like you in the engineering field. Thank you for being you. Keep it humble in life but, know you are appreciated by so many and so many more wish they had your talent and intellectual ability.

  • B-14 Crawler 10 months ago

    your bombs just fall out when I open the bomb bay doors. weird.

  • Jundroo Instruments JI-84 1.2 years ago

    A calculator isn't a calculator unless it can spell "80085" LOL

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 1.2 years ago

    Nice print. What printer do you have? I have a ANYCUBIC Chiron. BIG BED!

    There is a lot of poop on that roof. Somebody should pressure wash that. Probably got some bird flu in it too LOL

  • *** NEW MultiPlayer Server *** 1.3 years ago

    YES, unless someone from Jundroo disagrees with it. I mean it's the same ole MP just on a new server and not based in Japan.
    If I can add modded maps I will. Someone just has to give me a little explanation on how to make that happen. I think the idea is you would have to have the MODDED MAP installed on your system and then there would have to be a command to execute from the MP debugging menu.

  • Drag chute auto-deploying on landing 1.6 years ago

    Did you use AltitudeAGL and adjust it to be slightly lower than the cockpit. So when the landing gear compress on landing the parachute deploys.
    I know there are a few ways to tackle this that's why I am asking this. Ya know drumming up ideas.

  • The Cursed Corsair (final Teaser) 2.1 years ago

    Strait to the hanger bay for maintenance.

  • Fw190 A-5 2.2 years ago

    At first I thought, how is this build gaining votes so fast. It looks kinda bland, then I saw the cockpit! HOLY CRAP! The detail is beautiful. Though, we all need better graphics cards to run this beast. 3.5k in parts.
    Great job on the hard work.

  • Lockheed F-22 Raptor 2.3 years ago

    While I think your aircraft overall is awesome. I have a huge problem with how it basically begins to disintegrate whenever you are at high speeds and maneuver. Any abrupt movement makes the engines or their parts explode from contact with each other I guess.
    Outside of that issue, I love it. Please please fix that issue.

  • Mental illness awareness 2.3 years ago



    My rant is about Panic/Anxiety. Though, if you know even a little you will know OCD/Anxiety/Depression follow each other. We use OCD (repetition or routine to feel secure), when we lose that we become anxious, then comes depression.

    Though, it may not manifest in this order for you anymore. It is behind the scenes in your brain.

    There is such a thing as cognitive based learning. Chemical imbalance is a pharmaceutical term. The truth is that we learn to be afraid of things though life experiences. You are not scared of spiders because they are scary. Someone made you feel they were scary. (I am actually not scared of them)
    We also learn to be sad through life experience.
    In order to change this we need to change our cognitive outlook.

    This is all fact. I am proof. I spent 10 years in the military and experienced so many near death situations that I became hypersensitive to nearly all situations with any stress. I had near daily anxiety, panic attacks all the time.
    I do take Zoloft and plan on stopping soon. First I want to quit smoking. Wish I never started taking it. If I knew what I know now then I wouldn't ever needed to start taking it.

    -What I have learned so far.
    !Stop Panic Attacks
    I have learned to accept the fear, ask for more, and think about the worst case scenario. Then ask for more! Sounds counter-intuitive, trust me it does the opposite you think it does. It actually makes your brain realize that you are fearing nothing but fear itself. Sort of...

    Do some of these things when your depressed.
    -delete all News apps on your devices and turn off all news (They fear monger and feed only negative news)
    -Think how others have it worse than you --> (maybe you do have it the worst, your a paraplegic, with a non-functioning unit, blind, deaf, dumb, and can't even play SimplePlanes) Do you really have it that bad???
    -Hug. Don't have someone to hug, get a dog. Cats are narcissists ;)
    -Stay away from alcohol and rec drugs (these create a depression/anxiety cycle)
    -If it's S.A.D. aka. winter blues. Buy a T-5 florescent light at your big box store. Hang it above you while you build SimplePlanes builds. Can't afford that, go to a retail store with bright lights. Walk around and talk to random people or stay to yourself and read product boxes.
    -Go to a Starbucks, drink a caramel macchiato with an extra shot and stare at people until one says somet

  • Soviet Challange [Closed] 2.8 years ago

    Want to know how to build just like the Soviet's?
    Just build a craft which you never maintain , then talk crap about how powerful it is even though it doesn't function.
    After that, recommission it years later and don't even bother bringing it back to full functionality. Then after you have a major incident like a nuclear reactor meltdown, leave your people to die and don't bother recovering their bodies.

    Tell me I am not correct on this... :)
    I just speak the truth. I have no respect for a military that doesn't respect it's soldiers and sailors. The Soviet's/Russians had/have some of the bravest soldiers/sailors, that is who I have respect for, not their leaders or their Government.

  • Microsoft is Returning to Flight Simulation!!! (NOT CLICK BAIT) 3.0 years ago

    It's fine to post this. Jundroo has no worry that somehow this would lose customers. Simple Planes is not about flight simulation as much as it's about creativity and community. Sure flight sims can be fun but building your own craft is way better!

  • [WEBW] CF-18 3.1 years ago

    Ok so I decided to download it. To my surprise it didn't lag on my mid 2011 iMac. WOW!
    Though, it does fly like a brick and why couldn't the builder just set all the landing gear to retract when you select "Landing Gear"!