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  • McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet 1.2 years ago

    i´m a little bit confused: am i playing simple planes or DCS right now? Holy moly this is the most detailled f18 i have ever seen.

  • Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker 2.9 years ago

    Holy cow thats an accurate model. I made an su27 build too, but it doesn´t even come close. (mine is more maneuverable tho :D)

  • MB03 AirTanker 3.0 years ago

    @F104Deathtrap Thank you :D i still need to improve my build quality at some points but you guys are showing me that i´m on the right way.

  • f4 phantom ver 1.5 3.2 years ago

    once upon a time an f4 phantom and a su25 frogfoot had sex...

  • su27 flanker 2.3 years ago

    @HistoricBirds Of course:D . Activate thrust vectoring(AG1) get to around 200 knots and pull back with full throttle.

  • SU 27 flanker 2.3 years ago

    @Junkers87 activate thrust vectoring (AG1). Pull the nose back at around 200 knots with full throttle. I´d suggest using my newer Version tho.


  • Sukhoi Su-27P Flanker-B 2.4 years ago

    @OhMerde i don´t want to self advertize, but if you want to do cobra maneuvers, try my attempt of a su27. using thrust vectoring, it can do many crazy substall maneuvers below 200 mph


  • F-413B Orca 2.4 years ago

    thats my new favourite plane in SP. you did a great job

  • FBV-01 “Raptor” 2.8 years ago

    i have no idea how you made this work, but its awesome!

  • MB03 Air tanker (visual upgrade) 2.8 years ago

    @D0M1N4T0R thank you. Unfortunately i haven´t built a trailing edge yet, this is my first plane with "3d" wings. If you have time feel free to improve my plane, or give me some instructions on how to improve it. i have a lot to do, so i won´t be abeled to work on that in the next 2 months.

  • AAF-7A P90 RUSHB CYKA BLYAT 2.8 years ago

    This is a stunning model with lots of little details, good flight charakteristics and a beautiful look...

    and you called it p90 rush b cyka blyat

  • Firion valide crossover 2.8 years ago

    nice build. i just want to mention that you steer with roll, but the steering wheel is assigned to the yaw axis. I appreciate that you´ve worked hard on this . But next time you put so much effort into a car, i want to see a mcpherson strut :D

  • Gotha G.13f 2.8 years ago

    i can feel myself in this plane wearing a bomber jacket and an aviator hood, pulling on a chord to release the torpedo.

  • MB03 Air tanker (visual upgrade) 2.8 years ago

    @ASDFASDF1 really? i feel honored :D

  • MB03 Air tanker (visual upgrade) 2.8 years ago

    Thank you, M8s

  • FireBird Fox Mk.IVa 2.8 years ago

    thats a nice warbird you built here. i like it

  • Boeing 787 dreamliner KLM 2.8 years ago

    only 49 downloads? I see there´s a lot of effort put into this plane and it looks very nice

  • Mulra-G 2.8 years ago

    what a gorgeous plane

  • Mulra-F/200 2.8 years ago

    very nice plane

  • Tu-195 2.8 years ago

    i can´t believe it only has 2 likes yet

  • Boeing 747 2.9 years ago

    damn nice work for your second plane.

  • F-15C Eagle 2.9 years ago

    i am really impressed. the engine nozzles and inlets are just wow, the over all model is very acurate and even the hud and mirrors inside the cockpit look familiar. Can you tell me how you´ve hidden the rotators of your horizontal stabs?

  • SU 27 flanker 2.9 years ago

    @Mustang51 thank you:). I just wanted to mention that i was drunk building this thing. This might have given it a special russian flair 😁

  • deHavilland DH.88 Comet 3.0 years ago

    Marvellous. How long does such a professional build take you?

  • MB03 AirTanker 3.0 years ago

    @TheCreatorandDestroyer99 thanks. i´m starting to put more and more effort in every new build. Being fairly new to the game i really appreciate your support.

  • Guided Ballistic Missile 3.1 years ago

    Nice rocket. Looks like a v2 and in terms of altitude and stability it surely surpasses my Rasputin IV

  • [WEBW] F-136 GE600 SVTOL 3.1 years ago

    this is just awesome

  • MQ2 Scout 3.2 years ago

    hey, can you tell me whats wrong about my jumpy boi? So maybe i kan fix it and reupload it