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Bronze 8/28/2022
500 3/10/2023
silver 5/16/2023 (12:00 central time)

filuly got around the ban but manly tok this long because of blender which is where i have bun for most of the time

games i play: space engineers , simple planes (and SPVR), robocraft infinity (thoy it takes 2 min to git in a game of bots) , crossout, terra tech, or any other building game on xbox
(but not minecraft [the last goods updated whos the aquatic update] or trail makers [lag])

games i sometimes play: risk of rain, roblox , hyper dash, gods of gravity, tea for god, astruner, mothergunship forge, and airmech arena (if the servers were still up)

i play on xbox-lostpurse504931 VR-lostpurse and mac/mobile for SP

how i found hypno

idk why i was looking for hydrogen in the tags but hy should the tag hypno and they looked cool so now i build hypno planes

plans/future planes

statis: not standard

favorite quote - "the only time you have to much fuel is when you are on fire"
by "anonum"
(tarer are other quotes that anonymous so yea)

Discord lostpurse
an old plane whith no updoots

Am dude
dyslexia is fun
I am a furry (why am I putting this here?)
I know avali scratch

i will answer questions in any of my forums pouts

Previously known as Lostp