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Bronze 8/28/2022
500 3/10/2023

games i play space engineers, simple planes (and SPVR), robocraft infinity
(thoy it takes 2 min to git in a game of bots) , crossout, terra tech, or any other building game on xbox
(but not minecraft [the last goods updated whos the aquatic update] or trail makers [lag])

games i sometimes play play risk of rain, roblox , hyper dash, gods of gravity, tea for god, and airmech arena (if the servers were still up)

i play on xbox-lostpurse504931 VR-lostpurse and mobile for SP

how i found hypno

idk why i was looking for hydrogen in the tags but hy should the tag hypno and they looked cool so now i build hypno planes

plans/future planes

metol sun - hypno - vr (working on vr)

got Yesthisismynewusername to silver 3/22/2023

Discord - lostpurse #6536
on the 181th page of users -563
there are 12986 pages of users
on page 121 of VR tag - metol bug
210 pages for vr tag
on page 3142 of best planes - parachute ball
on the 8th page of all planes is the "I missed you guys" by hypnotoad
33501 total pages of planes and on the 16544th page the oldest plane with no upvotes is "the thing" by ?
sadly you can not comint on that one but you can on thes one
- 3/23/2023 is updatid ever cupol days
Am dude
dyslexia is fun

Previously known as Lostp