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Inactive (when it comes to building anything) for now

I make not highly detailed but also not really minimalistic stuff, it usually has a functioning cockpit and some details.
I mainly make Airliners and sometimes fighters/other military stuff.

I like early jet fighters, interwar stuff and 50s-90s Airliners
I also really like making liveries, most of my planes have at least 2-5 liveries which I don't upload

Please Enjoy your stay :)
and thank you very much of you decide to upvote anything or follow <3

-I didn't have an idea for a username so I used one from an older game I played, I am neither Austrian nor lonely (most of the time) but I do think I would look amazing in a cavalry uniform ;)

-also a lot of my older planes are really bad but I still want to keep them, so just ignore them ( -_-) .
and my English is also not the best, sorry

Previously known as serenizme16