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A military aircraft manufacturing program:
PLAN J-35 complete
PLAN J-15 complete
U.S.Airforce F-22 In the plan
U.S.Navy F-14 In the plan
PLAAF J-16 complete
VFM SU-57 In the plan
VFM SU-47 In the plan
JASDF F-2 In the plan
KPAAF Mig23 To be released
Q-5 To be released
A program for the manufacture of civil aircraft:
COMAC C919 Complete
COMAC ARJ-21-700 To be released
SAF Y-10 To be released
A warship building program:
PLA.Navy Type 052D Complete
PLA.Navy Type 055 To be released
PLA.Navy Type 054A To be released
PLA.Navy Type 051 Complete
PLA.Navy/SRN Type 07/6607 Complete
PLA.Navy CV-16 Liaoning / VFM CV-063 Kuznetsov Complete
PLA.Navy CV-18 Type 003 Complete
USN AliburkeII In the building
MN CVN-R91 Charles DE gaulle In the plan
HMS CV-R08 Queen Elizabeth In the plan
JMSDF DDH-183 Izumo In the Build
IJN Aircraft carrier Akagi In the plan
PLA.Navy LSD-999 Jinggang Mountains In the plan
PLA.Navy LHD-031 Hainan In the Build
I'm a Chinese middle school students
l'm fifteen years old

prompt:Taiwan is a province of China. Taiwan is not a country

2022 China Guizhou Bijie

people's liberation Army Navy

Hello Everyone.If you like China,I hope your first stop is Guizhou

Projects may not be released on time

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