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"We can do it!"

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Tecno Pova 2

As September 13

Hello guys! I'm Layla, so I am now active in working, building planes that has low part count under 100-200 parts, Additional things I can help, fix and solving problems, so now to do, I never back down but let's go with me.
Favorite Games: Gradius, Ace Combat, R-Type and Simpleplanes
Favorite planes I love:
  • ADF-01 Falken (From Ace Combat)
  • T-301 Vic Viper (From Gradius V)
  • R-9A Arrowhead (From R-Type)
  • VT-2 [means Vixen Type 2] (From Nemesis 3)
  • GUT-04 Falchion Beta (from Gradius Gaiden)
  • P-38L Lightning
  • R-99 Last Dancer (from R-Type Final)
  • GUT-03 Jade Knight (From Gradius Gaiden)
  • Lord British (From Salamander)
  • P-51 Mustang
  • X-02S Strike Wyvern (From Ace Combat 7)


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