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Yay, planes.

Okey, just to start off, why are you here? You could be off somewhere else on this wondrous website checking out aircraft of much higher quality. Quality so high that it'll crash your potato laptop as soon as you press the 'Download' button. Oh, wait, but then again, that may be why you're here, because you have a potato laptop that can't run anything better... Well I guess if you're still here, reading though this, it wouldn't hurt to introduce myself...

Hi, I'm LaBaguette.

I make only mobile friendly, mainly for the reason that I only ever actually make planes on mobile. Which sucks to a point.

A couple buddies of mine are Wernster and WiiMini. Check 'em out.


Well that's pretty much it.


Also I'm currently challenging Wernster to a tank build duel. Just the two of us, building a tank to be judged by the general public.

(Duel ends on June 1st.)

Previously known as MajorSix