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Alright. Let's make this quick.

Hi, I'm LM0418, or Legomaster0418, a nature obsessed (pfp,) aircraft lovin’ dude who’s currently on a couch eating potatoes.

I'm a guy who's livin' it up in the USA.

A few things

-If you've noticed, I have slowed down on building, mainly because I have lots on my schedule. But do not worry, I'm still here. If I'm inactive, I'll actually tell you guys.

-I rarely take requests anymore, but if you do, I'll put it in the "future builds" forum post and then hope your plane will be made.

-If you're wondering, I DO have a discord account, but I never really went on it since I created it.

-I mainly focus on commercial aircraft, but I might make a fighter or something every once in a while.

-Please, PLEASE give credit to me when using my builds. If you don't I'll maybe, just maybe, demonetize, curse, torture, humiliate, and execute you if you don't!!!1!

Some important stuff


Bronze: Somewhere in December 2022
Silver: Somewhere in January 2023
2222 points: On February 22nd, at 2:22 P.M EST
Gold: April 5th 2023

Useful Links

User page: 20 ik ik it’s pathetic
My planned projects (always updating the list)!
Mirror and Undo tutorial, your life saver
European Pack List
My most recent build

And with that, have a great day ya'll!

Previously known as Legomaster0418