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I'm 18, been playing simpleplanes since about mid 2015. Started on PC(old crappy one) then I stopped playing in about 2016-2017 because we forgot the steam account. Then started playing again in 2019 on my phone, VIA apk. And I built alot of cool stuff just never uploaded, then I wanted the new sp cockpit update so I decided to buy the real official version and well I lost like 300 planes lol, oh well, on the pc one we only had crappy planes

Now I play on a Samsung galaxy S20Fe

Favorite aircraft(no specific order):
A10 Warthog
My favorite generation of aircraft would have to be either ww2 fighters, or modern jets
Playing video games(simpleplanes obv), xbox, shooting Guns at the range, playing airsoft(kinda like paintball) and riding my dirtbike.

•Video games I enjoy- Ark survival, Minecraft, rainbow six siege, battlefield, insurgency sandstorm, Enlisted, warthunder, and occasionally Call of duty.

Xbox gamertag if you wanna check me out there too:
L3thal Preditor

I also love Russian jets/planes apparently because since I got this new update obv, the only planes I've made and tried on are russian jets(su57, su75, oh and my ww2 katyusha launcher)
Mig21 on the way