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Hello everyone

Im a big fan of soviet/russian theme (also Im rus) so majority of my buildings I devote for this.I stand with Russia and russian people

Anyway , Im trying to do something cool and complicated just for myself because I want to feel vehicle as if it real. I hate downloading something from someone so I do everything by myself. Every vehicle , every machine. All I do by myself. I upload here only that thing , that I think is good and I want you to try it and know your opinion about this.
As for me , Im keen on ground vehicle such as tanks , artillery , ships (idk???) and the least is plane.

I do not support nazist goverment and also regime in ukraine
I dont care if someone insane that supports this bloody regime and warcrimes made by ukraine and also by amecian propaganda ever even tries to report and ban me , I dont care. You can kill a man , but not the truth. Russia will win as well as truth whether you want it or not.

any other guy that is similar to my opinion is my friend

So , if you like my building , please subscribe

Currently working on:

USSR Helicopter (havent decided which yet)

all the best

P.S. its not anime