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      Welcome to my humble collections of imagination, turned into fiction, through electronic manifestation. My works include all types of aircraft, weather it be props, jet, bomber, fighter, airliner, whatever I fancy or have time for. Upload may be infrequent, due to school, activities, and interest in the game in general. However, I eventually find myself back at the drawing table for another aircraft at one point or another. I simply seek to share my imagination to those who appreciate it, and to constantly push the boundaries of this amazing and underrated game.

      My works are by no means master pieces, as I do not have the time and the patience to make 1k+ part aircrafts, nor the capabilities to. My creations are simple, reliable, well tested (I have aircraft that has sat in my creation folder and have been flying for years, which I can post, but simply to lazy to post), and most importantly, usable. However, I am always seeking to improve my designs, adding complexities and quality of life improvements where I can. In addition to learning Funky Trees, I am slowly catching up to the modding trend of the community, and I seek to incorporate that more and more into my building.

     These creations have been well tested by me for months at least, and years at most, and I hope that the creations I deliver to you will give you as much fun as they have given me.