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                   [ RESTRICTED TO LEVEL 10+ PERSONNEL ]


Subject: Code T-184

Containment Procedures: T-184 and its manifestations are to be sealed in an empty 70 by 70 by 30 meter concrete chamber dug separate from the entire facility, with walls all two meters thick. Only Level 7+ are authorized to enter the containment, given that their intents are valid and all electrically conductive objects on their being are forfeited to the Level 10 personnel stationed at the entrance. No security breaches by T-184 has been recorded, and thus further contingency containment procedures are being studied.

                   [ RESTRICTED TO LEVEL 10+ PERSONNEL ]

GOLD [achieved Sep. 10, 2022]

Previously known as Darkhound, Dunkelhundkonzern, Sol1isSunny, angeryTLSdronebirb, Darkhound, IntruderAscension