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Record of Jet stream notifications: 93

Status: Semi-Active | Not building much for now, will keep checking the site daily.

You pressed my name! :D


I XML! Very fun.

(P.S. for anyone wondering, my pfp is from a game called Robotek)

-iOS user. Proving that I can make somewhat good builds with XML
-Doggo dude
-some 13 year old boi who found this fun game/site


I consider a lot of people as friends, people who do and I don’t include them on a list, they might feel bad, so I will not put a list. But those who consider me as a friend, thank you!

Stuff I put here so I don’t forget

No HUD: //maincamera>camera.set_depth x

FOV: //MainCamera>camera.set_fieldOfView x

x= what you want


If you spotlight or upvote any of my posts, that would be greatly appreciated.