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Hello! Here is some info about my builds: I like to build just about any kind of plane, though I don’t directly model my planes after real ones. Also, all of my builds are mobile-friendly, and I used to be an IOS player so I know what it feels like. My favorite build is Hummingbird. If you are having trouble making a plane, I’ll be happy to help.

Below is a list of series, if you want to check them out or are looking for a certain kind of plane. (Note: Some of my planes aren't in a series.)

Modern Bomber (Not to be confused with the MB (Modern Bomber) successor/predecessor line or its sub-line, HF (Heavy Fighter).) (Modern, dark-colored jet bombers.)
Old Bomber (Green bombers with WWII era parts.)
Sunset Airlines (Airliners.)
Junkyard (Custom-cockpit planes made from things you find in a scrapyard.)
Chickenz (Mechanical chicken walkers.)
OrniBirds (Bird-Based Ornithopters.)

Pathfinder- An exploration plane capable of going far and having a comfortable bed...

Big Bomber-3

STATUS: Currently inactive, but still making planes in SimplePlanes. I might post a plane sometime, IDK.