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Dash Rendar flying T-47 airspeeder
"I'm dashing, and I'll render you obsolete!" -Dash Rendar, from NineGearCrow and Blind Sally's SotE letsplay (actually said never)

Link to my builds

Hi, I'm kendog84. Long time Lego fan, and also a big fan of build-stuff games. Used to play Battleship Craft, and later Naval Craft a ton. (What great games they were.)

I build whatever I feel like building at the moment

Visit my YT channel for sporadic uploads of high-effort low-quality videos, as well as random gameplays and stuff:)
YouTube link: kendog84

Imgur link to one of my NC ships: BB-53 USS South Carolina, modernized 1920s SoDak
*Make sure that links you're about to open are legit before you open them btw, even if you trust the sender/poster.

(Totally NOT a member of the secret Gensokyo spynet. Nah-ah.)