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Dash Rendar flying T-47 airspeeder

Link: my builds (click here)

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Hi, I'm kendog84. Long time Lego fan, and also a big fan of build-stuff games. Used to play Battleship Craft, and later Naval Craft a ton. (What great games they were.)

I build/do whatever I feel like doing at the moment.

(F-105, unifinished)

Link: Yeager XYZ coord map v1 (forum post)

Visit my YT channel for sporadic uploads of high-effort low-quality videos, as well as random gameplays and stuff:)
YouTube link: kendog84

[Imgur link to one of my NC ships: BB-53 USS South Carolina, modernized 1920s SoDak]
*Make sure that links you're about to open are legit before you open them btw, even if you trust the sender/poster.

I don't take requests myself, but here's a a bit of advice for when you wanna ask someone (whether to me or someone else) to do something for you: be polite, and upvote the build/post of the person you wanna ask, before you ask, at the very least. If you want someone to do something for you, that's the least you can do. It's a way to show that you appreciate their work. And don't forget to say thanks!

Request to moderators:
If I don't post anything for a year, please publish some of my unlisted builds. Preferably the latest version of the thing.