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my name is a kakhi.

I am borned in 2003.

Gender male.

i am from country Georgia

( country georgia from Europe not state of usa )

I like electrical stuff

I am fan of high voltage so i have made high voltage generators, i made both High voltage Ac and High voltage DC

I use multivibrator and mosfet transistor to drive old ac to ac flyback transformer and then i use old soviet made voltage tripler and i get more than 145 000 volt. it not compact but it works on 12v.

I also have made ac high voltage generator using old car ignition coil. i drive it with relay and i get more than 140 000v it also work on 12v.

but my Dc HV generator are much powerful than ignition coil version.

Yes i know much people don't intrested with electrical stuff but I have been interested with this field since I was 3 years old.

Second hobby is aviation thats why i am here.

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Thank you all

in profile picture you see my cat named "sonba"

sonba's bio XD

sonba borned in 2015/01/

sonba's gender is male

sonba like to beating and bullying neighbors male cats he dont beating female cats

he is a very powerful cat he is a king of street