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I make low quality planes and am not too good at constructing them.
Owner of the newly found: Kaiser Corp

Levensky air company originated in 1915 with the goal to produce planes for the Krakobala Islands and the Wright Isles. First plane: Levensky FA-Z in 1918, the first plane during the World War II era was the Levensky 1-5A. The first official (non prototype) jet was the Levensky 1-5C, essentially the Levensky 1-5A but with a 2 jet engines attached to the wings, the second jet was the Suckerfish. The first Cold War plane was:
Levensky Quoal-5 (LQ-5), also the first plane with Afterburner engine type. Enjoy some lore people, and thanks for reading!!
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