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I am the one

My Favorite Planes

  • F-15 Eagle
  • F-22 Raptor
  • SU-27 Flanker
  • SU-37 Terminator (Russia)
  • SU-57 Felon (Russia)
  • P-51 Mustang
  • X-02 Wyvern (Fictional)
  • F-35 Lightning II
  • P-996 Lazer (Fictional and GTA)
  • J-11 Flanker (in China)
  • FA-50 (Philippines and Korea)
  • MiG-29 Ghost of Kiev (Ukraine)
  • J-10 (China)

Wait... 2 planes are fictional on my favorite plane list and 2 planes are in China

Most favorite aircraft: F-15

SR2 Account

About Me:

  • I'm eating a pig or more...
  • Wants to build a plane with cockpit and simple
  • Building WW2 airplanes and war aircrafts in Ukraine and Russia

Cool profile but a bit problem appear here...

first game previously

Previously... I played Minecraft in 2019 and my hair is black. And I played Minecraft 2 years ago but Minecraft is laggy sometimes and it can do game crash so I'm not playing Minecraft anymore, and Minecraft is 6 minutes ago before it joined on mobile.

I have no name.

A dum dum and Unknown player

I want to say....

Proud to be Pinoy

My YouTube Channel: Here

Pls upvote my planes.

Can you do cobra maneuver?


Previously known as ZeanTimothyTMendiola, Talisman3990