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My name may be a little hard to understand, "kg" is my code name, "cheat" is my name.

I like to pursue the performance of works.
In terms of appearance, I prefer minimalism.
Sometimes I like to tell people what to do. So I don't hate other people doing this to me.
I have huge theoretical knowledge, but I don't have time to finish them. So I had to use them before they were forgotten, which caused some of my airplanes to be too advanced or the manufacturing cycle was too short, leading to defects.
For aircraft with low mobility, I prefer to use missiles completely. For airplanes with good maneuverability, I prefer to use the gun completely. Of course, a few works use complex weapon systems.
I really hope you can leave a comment, but I'm sorry I don't have time to reply in time.
Some of my planes have too good maneuverability, which may make them difficult for many people to fly. But you can also use it to exercise your reflexes.
I don't like large ground vehicles!
I will be very careful to think about the playability of my work and its significance. Some works may not be excellent, but I will definitely devote part of my efforts to him. Because I really hope you have a good time.