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Status: Finished the Atomic Ao Jun! Go check it out!

Me in a Nutshell:

"I can fit a few more guns on that, right?"
"Surely this can go faster."
"8000 parts? Pretty sure my IPad can handle this."
"Bet it would be cool if I changed that to 999."

PC Specs:

  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Male
  • Platform: Grubby iPad
  • Location: I'm from Virginia. No, I'm not giving you my city. You want my address? Security!
  • Where You Can Find Me: Making lame, unoriginal attempts at humor on other people’s posts. If I think you’re cool, I might even be helpful. That’s a deal you’ll only get on Friday. I also will reply to comments on my own posts. Which, of course, are few and far between. Hey, school takes time!
  • Interests: I like simpleplanes, so there's that. Breaking News. I play other games too, like Sea of Thieves and War Robots. If you’re good at lying, cheating, stealing, pvping, and want to dominate servers in SOT, hit me up. I also love to fly quads and RC Airplanes. I’m pretty good at modding Nerf Blasters too. Star Wars. Two words. Wings of Fire might be in there, I don’t know…


1000 downloads acheived! I don't know when I achieved this though.
50 upvotes achieved! It was like April 13 or 14 I think.


Thanks so much for bronze! And on my first upload! I'm going to keep at this and see what creations come out. I'm so grateful for you guys!

Obtained on 7/25/21

Finally, silver! Thanks to all of you who downloaded, upvoted and commented! A special thanks to RC1138Boss for making the final push to silver! I appreciate you all so much and I’ll try to keep building even during the school year.

Obtained on 8/19/21

Happy Flying! Or Walking! Or Floating!

Previously known as Kendall0Clock