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About Me

Status: Building a War Robot

Me in a Nutshell:

"I can fit a few more guns on that, right?"
"Surely this can go faster."
"8000 parts? Pretty sure my IPad can handle this."
"Bet it would be pretty cool if I changed that to 999."

I like to take planes people have made and fix/modify them. I’m also a huge Star Wars fan, if you haven’t noticed. I know, my greatest secret revealed. Speaking of secrets... I also like Wings Of Fire. Maybe I'm understating. Don't tell anyone. Why am I telling you this?

A Little More About Me:

  • Age: 13
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: I'm from Virginia. No, I'm not giving you my adress. You want my city? Security! Get this guy off the stage!
  • Where can you find me? Making lame attempts at a human thing called "humor" on other people's posts, (maybe being helpful, IKD) or replying to comments on my own posts. Wait--- I posted? What universe is this? Where did I get that time from? I've got the ol' 7-3 grind, I don't have time for this!
  • Interests: Welp, I like simpleplanes, so there's that. I also love to fly quads and RC Airplanes. I like to build model rockets and mod nerf blasters, too. Star Wars. Two words. I also lov--- like Wings of Fire. Depends who's asking.

Your Plane Has A Problem?

I’m open to taking requests for plane modifications, if you want. That can mean making it fly better, adding guns, features, or changing the paint job. Just @ me in the comments of my most recent post, tell me what you want done and leave a link to your plane. I’ll see what I can do. Your plane has a problem? I might be able to fix it.

Maybe I’ll eventually have enough time and motivation to make planes completely from scratch. Maybe if my account does well, I might keep this up! Happy Flying!


Thanks so much for bronze! And on my first upload! I'm going to keep at this and see what creations come out. I'm so grateful for you guys!

Obtained on 7/25/21

Finally, silver! Thanks to all of you who downloaded, upvoted and commented! A special thanks to RC1138Boss for making the final push to silver! I appreciate you all so much and I’ll try to keep building even during the school year.

Obtained on 8/19/21

Previously known as Kendall0Clock