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Hi guys! It's me JoddyFubuki788 and welcome to my page!

To tell ya the truth, i love being here because i can make my planes, meet new people with same interests, and really up to the challenges ever~ and also never forget with my long lasting, advanced multirole, the best in my arsenal, the F/A-40 Garuda Series.

And if u wonder who's in that pic? That's Fubuki, my most favourite anime Character from Kantai Collection - KanColle (u can say she's my waifu Teehee!). She's really beautiful, strong willed and nice, and i tolerate her plainess though, even into her idol~

Currently i'm free to make something new, Jets and props, just ask me to make it and i'll see what i can do for ya. That's all from me, have fun guys, and once again, Welcome to my Simpleplanes' Page!