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Hey, you. Yeah, you! What are doing here? Why are you reading this profile? Shouldn't you edit your own? Make some stuff up? Go home... There's nothing you can do here...

Just kidding...

Anyway... Do what you must here...

Hi, my name's JetFighter. I am an android user (Which means i can't try/build large things) and i LOVE Tanks!

About me:

--My hobbies are building planes (in SP or from cardboards), go out somewhere with my friends, etc.

--My favourite movies are all episodes of Star Wars, all episodes of Star Trek, The Batman, etc.

--My favourite games are SimplePlanes (Obviously), Ace Combat series, Battlefield series, Star Wars Battlefront series, Star Trek, etc. (I also play WoT you know!)

--My favourite planes are F-22, F-111, Su-37,etc.

- I can't make very detailed builds.
- I'll be making replicas, but remember I'm on mobile so I can't do much.
- I accept some XML moddings, but be aware I'm not active all the time.

What I'm trying to make:
- N/A
- N/A
- N/A

That's all of it guys! Hope you all enjoy and be polite in SimplePlanes.com!