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  • When will the next edition of Simpleplanes set out? 29 days ago

    @PhilipTarpley @WNP78

    They're probably trying to finish up SR2 first before doing something for this game.

  • SimplePlanes OCD 5 months ago

    @Hazerz Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, people just really like to misuse that word and say they have ocd because something being slightly offset annoys them.

  • SP rotation physics are balls 21 days ago

    50% of the entire physics model is balls, not just rotation

  • German Zero 6 months ago

    Too high effort, 0/10 not german enough.

  • How to install mods on iOS!!! 17 days ago

    step one: install and set up uber
    step two: call one to the closest pc store
    step three: buy a pc that meets the system requirements for SP
    step four: set up the pc and install SP on it
    step five: have fun with mods, just don't use the part ones or else the mobile players will crucify you

  • Guys please 5 months ago

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    Hey sole curator of the website can you curate this post here? Thanks.

  • German Corsair VR 5 months ago

    james what have you done

  • German Corsair VR 5 months ago

    @PigeonBagle You should play for fun, not for internet points.

  • I’m 5 now guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 5 months ago

    I am deeply sorry to say this, but the Terms of Service clearly state no user below the age of 13 years is allowed to own a simpleplanes.com account. This sadly means your account will be terminated immediately, feel free to make a new one once you're old enough.

  • IA Raycaster First Map Demo 28 days ago



  • P-51D-30 Mustang 5 months ago

    1411 x 15 = 21.165

    If this post was deleted by a mod he would get kicked back to gold lol

  • Old Glory 24 days ago

    Height 172.2ft (52.5m)

    Man that's one big flag

  • Absurdity in its purest form 6 months ago

    The part count, probably.

  • A German Corsair Animation 6 months ago


    New Aircraft!

    German Corsair


    Top Speed: 50
    Aceleration: 70
    Handling: -3
    Power: 9999

  • Why are there AI planes constantly crashing default planes into the ground? 7 months ago

    The ai is just overall terrible: the autopilot constantly pitches up and down, the dogfight ai constantly yaws when firing it's gun and also every unarmed plane in sandbox mode is a kamikaze pilot for some reason. The devs should make a better one on the next update (1.13 maybe).

  • IA Raycaster: Bricks one month ago

    Star Wars Battlefront II in SimplePlanes when

  • Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? 5 months ago

    Anakin: Yes i have.
    Palpatine: Oh.


  • Shitposting. 5 months ago

    Post whatever you want, the point of a game is to have fun.

  • Okay. Genuine question. 5 months ago

    It's the first game i've played for longer than a week or two without either getting bored and quitting or taking a gigantic break. So i guess?

  • Jenga 5 months ago

    @PPLLAANNEE Looks cool but you gotta work on that flight model a bit more, the plane immediately breaks when you try to fly it.

  • I did a thing. I am crying and in pain. 6 months ago

    Oh cool now i'm also in pain from looking at this

  • German Su-34 6 months ago

    Way too much effort for a "German" plane, 3/10 too russian.

  • Oculus Quest - Cloud Backup fix - v1.12.131 6 months ago

    @DEADSHOT14 Man you people are never happy with anything...


    @IceCraftGaming Idk man the part where you have to patch your game apk with a app he uploaded on mediafire seems a bit fishy

  • **STOP ASKING FOR TAGS** one month ago

    Why? T is easier and faster to type than:

    Greetings my good sir! I write this to kindly request that you write my personal identifier (commonly know as an "Username") on the public commentary section of your upcoming publication (advertised here) at the time it is published, so that I may be alerted of it's availability and add it to my ever-growing collection of flying machines on this virtual entertainment medium (known as a "Videogame") named long ago after it's relatively comprehensive and simplified nature when compared with it's real life equivalent. I wish you a good day sir!
    ~ With my regards, Korzalerke.

  • I Can't Stop Watching This Part 3 5 months ago

    Imagine being actually good at the game, couldn't be me.

  • I’m 5 now guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 5 months ago

    @Aviator01 Maybe his parents loved the game so much they created an account for him the second he was born.

  • Jenga 5 months ago

    @PPLLAANNEE Idk man kinda weird how it has no landing gear or wings, but cool plane anyways.

  • Where Were the Interceptors On 9/11 7 months ago

    When BeastHunter sees your post but doesn't upvote it, that's how you know you (beep) up.

  • I have something to ask 9 months ago

    Update 1.13 changelog leak

    • Rebranded to "ComplexAircraft"

  • jet stream be like 17 days ago

    oh so the strikes show up in your notification bar, interesting.


  • is it against the rules ? 25 days ago

    I don't think he's necessarily "begging" for upvotes, just saying that whoever upvotes his stuff will get tagged. He's also saying you can just ask to get tagged instead, it's just worded in a weird way.

    The rules page really needs an update, some parts are not very clearly written (like the whole honda thing and how mentioning discord servers is fine so long as you don't tell people to join them).

  • Communication between you and that player is blocked 27 days ago

    If you can't comment on your own posts that means you blocked yourself.

  • When will the next edition of Simpleplanes set out? 28 days ago

    @ColonelCanada 4k parts? My pc starts lagging at about 700. How does your phone not melt?

  • P-51D-30 Mustang one month ago

    I wonder what made this thing so popular, it looks cool but not #1 on the website cool.

  • Bruh Ren Got bann`d because he made a shiddy rant one month ago

    Not-so-fun fact: You can't remove comments made by other people on your own forums (feel free to try it with this one).

    No idea why.

  • Something Weird one month ago

    You can report yourself in case you break the rules and feel guilty.
    You can follow yourself in case you like your own builds a lot.
    You can block yourself in case you find yourself to be really annoying.

  • Noclip one month ago

    The cool thing about following everything that breathes is that you can always be the first to upvote anything.

  • Welcome to the Hunting Grounds.. [TEASER] 5 months ago

    Rare footage of airplane who was the prey

  • Which Vehicle Logo and name is Not legal 5 months ago

    Hond- gets banned

  • I'm serious 5 months ago

    Bro you high?

  • When your WMD physics experiment goes wrong 5 months ago

    One time i managed to fling the USS Beast away by firing a cannon shell at it at the speed of light. Fun times.

  • Scout Miro (Less Parts) 5 months ago

    No post will be left upvoteless.

  • 24 hours worth of points... 5 months ago

    Each page has 24 posts
    You have 10 full pages of aircraft posts plus 2 more planes
    24 x 10 = 240, 240 + 2 = 242
    Each aircraft upvote gives you 15 points (assuming none are from curated posts)
    Before the e v e n t i upvoted 3 of your posts, so that leaves 239 left.
    239 x 15 = 3,585 points
    240 posts... no wonder so many people gave up towards the end lol

  • Waking up in the morning be like 5 months ago

    It took almost an hour to upvote everything lol

  • Gud Pln 5 months ago

    git 'gud' may not be a git command, but it sure makes for a great plane.

  • Am bored 5 months ago

    1:1 scale replica of the sun, with every single atom.

  • Is there a men’s month? 6 months ago

    [Insert [this comment was removed by a moderator] here]

  • Why?( 6 months ago

    @X99STRIKER How to get mods on mobile:

    step 1: Open google maps
    step 2: Find the nearest store that sells pcs
    step 3: Use your phone to get an uber to the store
    step 4: Buy a pc
    step 5: Go back home, install simpleplanes and enjoy the mods that no one uses