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SimpleRockets 2 site account: Zenithspeed
(keep in mind that it's not as developed as my SP account)

picture is from Asphalt 8: Airborne (and no, i DON'T own the car there, i just got the ability to try it)

*distant vroom vrooms in the distance*

and yes, i am a "human" IRL but because i'm bored to death all the time, i act like i'm a 3 million+ dollar automobile capable of going velocities nearing 300 miles per hour, or 483 kilometers per hour.

Brøthër I rêquîre the Š P E Ë D

Car "enthusiast" and extremely introverted gamer, but also has a passion for aircraft (mostly military, but anything goes).

Plays on an iPad, can handle about 1700 parts before starting to lag. (this is with many settings maxed)

Other games i play:

cringe username
(please do NOT spam me with friend requests. also, display name can vary)

Asphalt 8 Airborne:
rip old a8
(no longer needs social media to change it thanks to new update in A8, but name change thingy is currently buggy so i cannot rename it yet. also, the character icon thingy can vary)

Some of my favorite aircraft:

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (my old account was named after it sooooooo)
Grumman F-14 Tomcat (mostly because of Top Gun)
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (fast boi)

Some of my favorite cars:

Lamborghini Egoista (liking fighter jets and liking cars lead me to liking this)
Koenigsegg Jesko (currently my number one favorite probably)
Pagani Huayra (can make me cry)
McLaren F1 (the legend)
SSC Tuatara (when it gets grip it goes brrrr)
Hennessey Venom F5 (looks sick and also SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED)

My favorite video games:

Terraria (kinda stopped playing cause 1.4 last update rip)
Roblox (an endless slew of online content, except when it isn't)
Asphalt 8: Airborne (SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED)
SimplePlanes (ya know it)
SimpleRockets 2 (ya know it)

Quotes and stuff:
"Grades don't measure your intelligence; they measure how much you suffered in school to get some worthless numbers that don't mean anything" - saw it somewhere on the internet so i decided to paste it here since it's literally just the truth

"i am dumb" - me

"SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED" - me about to slam on the throttle/gas pedal

"haha X goes brrrrrrrr" - most definitely me
(replace X with whatever thing you wish, obviously)

"well ya duh" - as you can see, my custom combination of "well, yes" and "duh"

SimplePlanes experience:
~5 years since i got it
how many years while having an account? it's on the top of the page.

Creator of fictional companies DX Aerospace and Tempest Automobiles. - kinda got bored of fictional company stuff so don't expect much
Sense of humour is pretty small, but it does sort of exist... kinda.
Afraid of most people because of my constant search for the one thing that i lack: P R I V A C Y
I will not care about gramatically correct english in most things i say here, excluding if i'm talking with users that have much more "power" than me (e.g. moderators and game developers).

Feel free to check out my stuff below, and be sure to tell me if you have any questions, i can (usually) respond very fast to messages.

an actually serious "warning" incoming

Everything depends on my "activity periods":
Sometimes i take a break from gaming and spend anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes on here.
During that time i will react to my notifications, and, if time will let me, perhaps go more in-depth chatting with some people.
The times between the activity periods vary between 2 days to a whole month, but that depends on everything, really.


Previously known as TomekHellFire