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SimpleRockets 2 (Juno: New Origins) site account: Zenithspeed
(i hate self-promoing, but i'm far more active there so i linked it, also for ease of use as well)
(that account was made before i knew that SP and SR2 accounts were compatible with eachother)

random guy with an interest in space, cars, and aircraft all at once. i mostly moved onto JNO/SR2 though, so don't expect activity that much on here.
i'm kind of masochistic by playing on a 6 year old iPad... alongside being an extreme introvert who hates the human race lmao

idrk what else to put here, for once i bothered to finally do something about my mess of a profile but then i run out of ideas to fill it in with

feel free to check out my stuff below, and be sure to tell me if you have any questions

Previously known as TomekHellFire