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I'm a high school senior with passion for aviation in my vains. My dream is to be an aviator and I'm half way there.

Though I would liked to I'm not active so often in the game because I believe in not spending a big part of my life in front of the screen, and because school is a big deal sometimes.

But when I am active, I like to make my best effort and use my best skills for creation in this game.

One last thing is that I'm Israeli, who dreams about peace from within and around my country.

Feel free to follow me because I want to know what do you think about my creations... And If you think that you might interest me with your creations, just say it and I'll check it out!

About my creations

As an amateur scale modeler in real life I fell in love with Making Historical replicas. I like this game because it gives me an opportunity to bring my replicas to life, fly and accomplish my planes' specified missions.

Therefore, most of my planes are replicas, and I have two things that I keep in mind while making them:


Giving a lot of attention to details and building an accurate model based on blueprints. I use blueprints printed on paper, a ruler and a protractor to achieve it, and it gives much more satisfaction.


Making my planes useful in their role. Making sure that their flight characteristics are realistic, that they can land and takeoff safely(from carriers too for naval designated planes), that their weapon systems work as needed to, and that they are user friendly.