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  • Auto-adapting Camouflage 11 months ago

    Gleipnir: Let me shockwave them and then make pretend giant size bomber disappeared into thin air

  • Elite Dangerous Krait MKII one year ago

    in elite dangerous can launch small fighter

  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer 11 months ago

    @PlenBoi download link is latest update

  • Tracks 2 11 months ago

    on v1.10 for some reason for pc track 2 on mod tab was not there or maybe invisible, even though i check on \AppData\LocalLow\Jundroo\SimplePlanes\Mods already loaded

  • F-22 'Raptor' one year ago

    @GuyFolk Great build, also for ai dogfight build for both raptor and felon(PSM on or off, your choice)

  • ADA-070A Griffin 3.2 years ago

    @ZeroHours hey, can u build Arvakr V-50 (half F 22 and half CFA 44) made from Ace Combat classic mobile (base story about Nordernnavic<on North Emmeria territory>), check it out and take look design on Google image

  • SimpleWings bug report page. 3.2 years ago

    Kinda like it this modpack, btw i can't attach Russian pylons on wings, well I'm using normal pylon with weapon attach to it but when turn or roll weapon start wooble/weapon floats, but overall its great actually ^^ (i wonder u could make landing gear mod or realistic landing gear)

  • SimpleWings 3.2 years ago

    @MOPCKOEDNISHE Can u put the description about Russian weapon bc when i tap on ur Russian weapon example 4 types of R-27 semi guided missle, its just blank

  • Jet Engine 3.3 years ago

    It's really cool but sound so loud I need to turn volume down, I hope there engine volume sound effect on engine setting to able to minimise(0%) or maximise(100%) sound for matching volume level on normal engine

  • QMR-2U Drone 3.3 years ago

    I added one vertical fin stabiliser inside engine but it doesn't work bc it still kept spinning, I'll try think something to make increase vertical control

  • Smoke Trails 3.3 years ago

    I need learn to make using xml, when plane turn white smoke activate automatically on pitch and roll, also delay smoke to make realistic (for android)

  • Tactical Laser System Mod 3.3 years ago

    @marxman28 yeah need ai TLS shoot separate on player shoot so ai can shoot laser on its own

  • The Arsenal Drone 3.4 years ago

    nice and ill put pulse laser or tls on weapon uav (modded gun)

  • ADF-11F Raven 3.4 years ago

    @ZeroHours Done^^

  • ADF-11F Raven 3.4 years ago

    Am I allow post my aircraft creation, its my first time and idk how to put credit

  • ADF-11F Raven 3.4 years ago

    @Katagiri550 I did and my armed planes is ready to go

  • SimplePlanes Has Advanced to The Cold War 3.4 years ago

    Except that bike XD

  • ADF-11F Raven 3.4 years ago

    I can modify engine part whatever i want to make stable

  • ADF-11F Raven 3.4 years ago

    Its very stable but after deploy ADF-11 max speed on xml change to 0.2 or 0.1 (bc small lightweight drone with super agile) without goes crazy shaking like tail wing part wants to separate so bad and never come out when goes over 1500 mph

  • SR-71 Blackbird 6.7 years ago

    Is this plane too fast dude.