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WARNING: This bio is out of date, And im to lazy to update it, So deal with it

I make random stuff, dont expect the random stuff to be great

Status: Not so active

My favorite plane is the TU-160

My favorite cat breed is a Scottish Fold

i have an SP company: Meow.Co, Meow.Co makes little things like a flak cannon, once in a while Meow.Co makes a plane, mostly just little things, to join Meow.Co, in any one of my builds just ask

Meow.Co members:

me, KnightOfRen, planeacceleration, krennic123 (R.I.P krennic123), tsampoy, PlanePlaneThe66373637, Archanis, Jwpdaviesjr


Bronze: finished unknown date

Silver: finished 6/2/2020

Gold: not finished

Platimum: prob never

5 upvotes: done, curtiss P-40E warhawk

10 upvotes: done, curtiss P-40E warhawk "flying tiger"

15 upvotes: done, CF-101 Voodoo

20 upvotes: done, Mikoyan MiG-31 "Foxhound"

30 upvotes: not done

40 upvotes: not done

50 upvotes: not done

70 upvotes: not done

100 upvotes: not done

win a challenge: finished, 8/23/202

and some pics because WHY NOT:

Previously known as Iamcat, ImaCat, thisisthelongestnameeveryabois