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Im Zerkk


I'm just 18 y/o user that live in Malaysia. I prefer many Fictional stuff mainly plane or just decorate/making livery to other user build (it not detailed so much, I will try my best) You can visit forum link (top profile) to see my aircraft or another creation I've made. I just post my creation (my build) only for fun. Anyways, if you download my plane, pls use medium or high physic, sometime it getting wrong when using low physic.

Fictional stuff:

ZRKA - ZerkkAirliner Aircraft
ZRKM - ZerkkMilitary Aircraft
ZXAC - ZerkkAerospaceCombat Aircraft
ZRKR - ZerkkRegionalAirliner Aircraft
CESA & ZXJ - CessAviation & ZxeJet Aircraft
Zerno space (ZROC) unique aircraft, release soon.
ZernoXE maybe car or ground vehicle, release soon.

Zxe Airways
SusCargo Express
ZRXAF (ZerkkAirfForce)

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Discord :ZerkkZxe#7089 (but I rare online, sorry for late respond)
YouTube :Link
TikTok :Link
Ig :zxe_otakuaviation

My RL Friends:

Both of them are female. Idk why my male friend don't want to play SP ;)

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Sorry if you're name not shown here.Tell if you want :D

Lel :P

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Last thing

Sometime I feel sad when I see how many user download my builds :(

Thanks for visiting (I guess)

Previously known as ZxeAviWeebzz, ZxeOtakuAviation, ZerkkZxeSP, ImZerkkZxe