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Chinese, live in Canada, high school Grade12 student, Touhou fan.

Favorite Airplane:

Bombardier Dash 8 q300

Boeing 737-800 Air China

All Boeing 707 series (CAAC is best)

All Boeing 727

Airbus 350-900 Hainan Airlines

Airbus 330-200 Hainan Airlines

Airbus 330-941

Fanatic of Touhou Project

I loved all 140+ girls in Gensokyo, and without dirty thoughts (you know). Just want be the normal friends with each girls.

For Touhou official STG game, I can clear 15 Easy, 12 Normal, 8 Hard and 4 Lunatic, as well as 7 extra.

Previously known as 13453, UN_OWEN_Was_Her, UNOWENWasHer