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hello i just joined the community 8 months ago and yeah... and if you need help with your planes feel free to send the links to me and ill fix it and also if youre wondering I can only fix your planes on saturdays or sundays because im busy most of the time...but i could be available all summer. And also i will always build mobile friendly items cars planes etc. also if you want me to build something just ask...

Status: Active most of the time...(from time to time etc.)

Country : you guess only a person from my country can read this: NKKBS KNB PG KYM D MGLNG K.

Anyway onto interests:

1 Minecraft

2 Simpleplanes (why else would I be here)

3 Among us

4 Space flight simulator

So yeah...

Fans of:

Gaming, obviously

Elon Musk, if your also a fan, Nice!

Algebra, its easier than it looks just don't get overwhelmed

Habbits/hobbies/(stuff I do when im bored):

Read (sometimes)

Draw (when im having break time in class)

My ideas:

Unlimited energy/electricity [ This project actually works it can produce unlimited power so this is top secret for now ]

Op jet in simpleplanes

My creations you guys might like:

https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/z3ZlVz/1-New-F-35-VTOL# (BEST SELLER)

Euro Truck 3

Mech 2

MAZ43 something...its really op

K-21 Its my first and best VTOL jet I have made

PHJ-21 Try it out!


White: ever since the dawn of time

Bronze: I forgot

Silver: August 29, 2021 (Thanks so much @DreamsPilot!)

Gold: tryna stay positive

Platinum: idk sometime

Getting 100+ downloads on a post Almost!


Link to my YouTube channel here

Previously known as IceCraft