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Biography has player entered not is what am I doing....



Nationality: Philippines, Manila
Age: (2x+21)-5×5=24 My age is the value of x, good luck 😉
Primary language: English [ Tagalog is hard :( ]
Current Location: Narnia
Pronouns: Was/Were (you can't see me now)
Lets get Someone to Bronze!
Update: Someone reached bronze! | 02/02/2023

"A good landing is one you can walk away from. A great landing is one where you can fly the plane again."
-Some dood

Best Crafts


  1. Stingray V-5 | Click here
  2. FA-22 SILVER ANGEL | Click Here


  1. IC-6 Golden_Eagle | Click Here
  2. Ghost P-40 | Click Here
  3. Ace Avenger A | Click Here
  4. Victor V | Click Here


My SR2 Account: CLICK ;)

My most overused words: comrade, very nice, interesting

Admin of the Simpleplanes General Discord server: Here

Username in Discord: It's_Icey21
Tag: #8570
Just to verify some stuff

Hello I see you've entered my profile

Founder of:

Hello there! if you need help with your planes feel free to send the links to me and ill fix it. I am available on MWF, weekends, and general holidays. And I usually build mobile friendly items cars planes etc.
- In junior high
- :)
Post whenever you complete a plane. Nobody cares about schedules here

If you've got the attitude, you've got the altitude!
-Me whenever I'm trying to do a cobra at 50ft.

Currently in Junior High

Stay in school kids, it makes you better at Simpleplanes

Here is my hangar where I store my planes and ideas, forums etc.: Clicky

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Page 16, I have the high ground now MrShenanigans 09/12/2022 (And yes, I will release the Stingray soon)
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Front page appearances so far: 3 times | Planes involved: Ace Avenger, Stingray V-5 (most successful), [ENTER PLANE]


White: ever since the dawn of time

Bronze: I forgot

Silver: August 29, 2021 (Thanks so much @DreamsPilot!)

Gold: Did it bois! 20/02/2022

Platinum: idk sometime

Friends/Comrades and cool people

Rjenteissussy Beri cool dood/best fren, chek em and his builds out :D

Beast Hunter Updoot 100

tsampoy le train

Guy Folk PSM god

Winterro great at building dino mechs!

infiniteleak Le inactive

LarryTad Thanks for spotlighting my stuff!

Zaineman Also a great guy :D

X99STRIKER best fren

MrCarrot Great person and builder! I would consider him, BeastHunter, X99STRIKER, Rjenteissussy, and ColonelCanada and Zaineman as my friends.

Hazerz fellow peenoi, and comrade 👍

GrizzlitnCFSP Great guy :D

Alvin8 cool dood

Rework cool comrade

WinsWings Underrated builder, and a great guy

Hellsverg Underrated builder

Thunderhawk An old friend of mine. Thunderhawk, if you're reading this welcome back to the community comrade :D

Colonel Canada A colonel from canada

G2 beri cool guy

JesusChrist Until next time, comrade

Sadboye12 This man, an absolute legend

PanzerWaifu69 Really good guy. Plane lore is awesome, planes equally as great! :D

Link to my YouTube channel here

I just wanna easy have access to this link to see how it plays out XD
Edit: He's gone D:

Previously known as IceCraft