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Biography has player entered not is what am I doing....

Hello I see you've entered my profile

I just joined the community 10 months ago and yeah... and if you need help with your planes feel free to send the links to me and ill fix it and also if youre wondering I can only fix your planes on saturdays or sundays because im busy most of the time...but i could be available all summer. And also i will always build mobile friendly items cars planes etc. also if you want me to build something just ask...

Status: Active most of the time

Here is my hangar where I store my planes and ideas, forums etc.: Clicky

Currently on page 55 of the users page: 07/12/2021
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Now on page 54 of users 10/12/2021:
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Now on page 53 of users 04/01/2022
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Now on page 52 of users bois 18/01/2022
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Page 51... yey :> 20/01/2022
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Country : you guess only a person from my country can read this: NKKBS KNB PG KYM D MGLNG K.

Anyway onto interests:

1 Minecraft

2 Simpleplanes (why else would I be here)

3 Among us

4 Space flight simulator

So yeah...

Fans of:

Gaming, obviously

Elon Musk, if your also a fan, Nice!

Algebra, its easier than it looks just don't get overwhelmed

Habbits/hobbies/(stuff I do when im bored):

Read (sometimes)

Draw (when im having break time in class)

My ideas:

Unlimited energy/electricity [ This project actually works it can produce unlimited power so this is top secret for now ]

Op jet in simpleplanes

My creations you guys might like:

https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/z3ZlVz/1-New-F-35-VTOL# (BEST SELLER)

Euro Truck 3

Mech 2

MAZ43 something...its really op

K-21 Its my first and best VTOL jet I have made

PHJ-21 Try it out!


White: ever since the dawn of time

Bronze: I forgot

Silver: August 29, 2021 (Thanks so much @DreamsPilot!)

Gold: tryna stay positive

Platinum: idk sometime

Friends(ish)/ great users

Beast Hunter Really good guy

tsampoy great at building stuff

Guy Folk one of the best pilots I know

Winterro great at building dino mechs!

infiniteleak he's a really good guy who builds surprisingly good stuff

Link to my YouTube channel here

Previously known as IceCraft