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I am an urban planning college student, and, a GUNDAMfan

next build to publish:
RX-78GP01Fb in 2021/6 or 7
Mk-17 Garde “Tsugumori” from Knights of Sidonia

then I may slow down making new things for about 3 years until I graduate from university. (Maybe 1 Post a year)

some possible plans during the following 3 years:
ARX-7 Arbalest and M9 Gernsback from FMP!
MSM-03C Hy-gogg from Gundam 0080
Turn A Gundam
and after I get a more powerful PC 😏
MSM-07DI Mobile Diver System Ze'Gok from Gundam MS IGLOO
GP03D Dendrobium

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