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  • Dllama we know you have a mic just turn it on. 1.2 years ago

    He is probably too worried the Chinese government will listen in on him.

  • Today, well famed SP user, Istoleyourmeme has died 2.1 years ago

    damn, rip to that guy

  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 1.7 years ago

    12 year old self-righteous vigilante moderators

  • The Sheer SIZE of the Playerbase 1.2 years ago

    yeah now figure out how many of them are active LOL

  • Rest in Piece, our beloved forum spammer 2.1 years ago

    now we need our forum spamming mega weeb back to replace him

  • What the hell happened here? 1.9 years ago

    Here's the post (title was changed after I took the screenshot)
    Hope I'm not breaking some rule by posting this

  • FACE REVEAL!! 2.0 years ago

    so the 17 year old father, polyglot, and army ranger is now an artist too huh.

  • I will try and make a new "Newspaper" for SP.com 2.2 years ago

    how could this possibly go wrong?

  • OMG!!! 2.2 years ago

    cool. any plans for what your 6th forum post today will be?

  • Friendly Reminder 2.2 years ago

    and 10 days before we see them aliens

  • In case anyone forgot... 2.3 years ago

    rank and build skill are not related. there are silvers and golds that can build better than me, and other platinums that pump out total garbage

  • Toxic in simpleplanes 1.6 years ago


  • What happend to Chiyomi anzai? Solved 1.8 years ago

    they quit SP to focus on real life, to put it shortly

  • I'm pulling a Notaleopard... 2.2 years ago

    hello trent. please don't spam the forums like your buddy. peace

  • #bes truk on da sp 1.6 years ago

    Amazing build. Truly it is objectively the best truck on the site.

  • Are cptjacobson quit........ and when... 2.3 years ago

    He was banned for stealing parts from several other people’s builds. I don’t know exactly how long he was banned for but he will certainly be back. I really shouldn’t be talking about this, could get in trouble. There was a lot of drama surrounding it and this post might get deleted because of that. @Homemade

  • My feelings... 2.0 years ago

    This is very “out of character” for lack of a better term. Usually you come across as oblivious to reality (ex. constantly making discord servers expecting a different result than the last) but this post goes directly against that. You are honest with yourself and I respect that.

  • YEah so hi! 2.3 years ago

    Belugasub says “Finally, it was obvious from day 1”

  • Mmmm~ yes 1.7 years ago


  • Dear SimplePlanes community 2.3 years ago

    ok i’ll just say it here. nobody plays sr2

  • Corsair 6.1 years ago

    Ayy lmao

  • Regarding points 11 months ago

    that wouldn't prove anything, you'd basically just be smurfing
    besides you can just make a new account as long as you don't upvote your own builds

  • welcome back randomusername 1.7 years ago

    the hero we need, but not the one we deserve

  • I got a discord server of my own 1.9 years ago

    because you got banned from the others for pirating the game and being a huge cunt? lmao

  • Update on Mattangi2 2.0 years ago

    ayo free mattangi he dindu nuffin
    tha mods is racist he wasn’t makin 9/11 he’s been goin to church every week about to get his life on track my church need mo money for dem programs

  • Challenge Challenge [Closed] 2.2 years ago

    i challenge you to spell challenge correctly

  • My evil plans 2.4 years ago

    could the sp simulate wing physics as stall?

  • I'm leaving for a week 2.4 years ago

    Seeing another “I’m leaving” forum post is a relief compared to the other garbage that has been cluttering the forums. Have fun on your camping trip, and take solace in the fact that you will see more sunlight in a week than many on this site would see in a year.

  • MIG Challenge [Ended] 1.1 years ago

    wow nice build i can tell you put a lot of effort into and care a lot abou- oh wait nevermind

  • About COPPA, again. 2.0 years ago

    wow i didn't know the food and drug administration was responsible for coppa

  • More inputs 2.0 years ago

    inb4 this gets added to sr2 and not sp

  • Planning on returning 2.1 years ago

    suspense = ded

  • Anyone Seen Vidal? 2.1 years ago

    if you were really worried you would have checked his profile and comments before making a stupid forum post. he's made comments, forums, and even a build within that timeframe.

  • Ohio Class FFG 2.3 years ago

    the most original builder on the website has again graced us with his newest innovative creation. when will we get to download this ingenious work of originality for ourselves?

  • Bring The Old Gear Back! 2.4 years ago

    Why be complacent with the old gear when we could really use new gear? It is nothing short of an insult to those that play this game that the rocket game gets procedural landing gear while the plane one doesn't.
    Edit: I think you misunderstand my comment. I mean brand new landing gear like what SimpleRockets 2 recently got.

  • Whats wrong with mobile? 2.4 years ago

    Nothing is wrong with mobile. I myself started as an iOS user. However the years of complaining about “durr screw u devs i wnt mods 4 ios!” and now “waaaa protest agenst rmoving android modzz” gets really tiresome. It’s not worth dealing with such people aside from leaving some silly PC master race meme or similar thing, which might give off that sort of impression. I assume most PC players think similarly, except for one unpleasant guy who you have probably already encountered.

  • Now I understand why nobody plays multiplayer (mini-rant) 2.5 years ago

    We are certainly talking about very different people. The ones I am talking about I have NEVER seen on the site unless they are some genius white rank user or they use multiplayer names drastically different from their SP one (which would not make much sense, they should be proud of “”””””””their””””””” planes, yes? and if they build so well I certainly should have heard of them) I have searched the website for said builds and several pages of the users section and unless the former is true, made pretty damn sure that part is accurate...
    Bringing out a large plane that’s your own creation to show to people is one thing. Being an asshole with your buddies with massive aircraft carriers, submarines, and bombers is another. @Brields95

  • “Chinese Copy” 1.3 years ago

    China bad.

  • Need someone's opinion 1.9 years ago

    I cannot stress this enough.


    It's entirely possible that you will stumble across this game again some years in the future and start playing once more.
    You will be very glad you didn't delete your account if that happens.

  • Pray For My Cousin... 2.1 years ago

    my bullshit detector is going off for some reason

  • Today, well famed SP user, Istoleyourmeme has died 2.1 years ago

    @randomusername can confirm, even though i'm dead

  • Question about custom landing gear 2.1 years ago

    I know what you're talking about. Try setting the "min" to 0 instead of the default -1.

  • Please I can’t find one I need someone to make me a vl Holden commadore please 2.2 years ago

    @Nonono154262 now i don't know you or your dad, but i think he would be much happier if he knew that you made it for him through your own efforts instead of having some random person online do it. with that being said, get good at making stuff. it's what this game is all about.

  • Plz feature in video 2.2 years ago

    i’ll feature it in a video, on the condition that the video will be “top 5 ugliest planes i’ve ever seen”

  • Multiplayer mod nametag colors 2.3 years ago

    Only works for the say command. For example, when you fly close to someone with a would-be colored name or see it in the console, you only see the unsightly color code. Just something to be aware of.

  • M.Corp ACV-1 Bullfrog 2.4 years ago

    How to create this kind of wing:

    Have the leading edge block taper towards the tip;

    Adjust the triangle block so that its front side is as tall as the wing should be thick at root and be zero units wide. Rear side should be as tall as the wing tip is thick and as wide as the wing is long;

    Place front end of the triangle block onto the leading edge block so that it points forward, and align the point with the root;

    Adjust "run" and "length" of the triangle block to fit the leading edge block;

    Add custom control surfaces to the rear of the triangle block on rotators;


    I have added another block to the rear of the triangle block to get a smoother airfoil. That is recommended but not mandatory. Fuselage inlets flipped onto their sides are recommended for custom surfaces in order to give you trailing edge sweep by editing inlet angle.