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Hello There! This is ChiyomiAnzai (account deleted, RIP) writing IStoleYourMeme’s bio, Lets begin

What is IStoleYourMeme?

~IStoleYourMeme is a Tsundere
~IStoleYourMeme is a good builder
~IStoleYourMeme made this name when he was 14 and hates it
~IStoleYourMeme is nice to people
~IStoleYourMeme has never stolen a meme in his life, only borrowed (That’s what he told me)
~IStoleYourMeme is a moderator on 100 different SP discord, and should be your first choice

What isn’t IStoleYourMeme?

~A meme stealer
~A Lemon
~A weeb (sad anime noises)
~An Grammar Nazi

What are IStoleYourMeme’s favorite things?

~Italian pizza (who doesn’t like it)
~Lemons (Duh..)
~The Color Green

What Does IStoleYourMeme do in his free time?

~Play SimplePlanes
~Listen to a 10 hour podcast about the racial superiority of Lemons (true story)
~Crossdresses as a lemon
~Answers Emails
~figures out how to join the Lemon Cult

Anyway that concludes my Bio of IStoleYourLemon, Thanks for reading!