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  • Hey, uh 5 months ago

    Congratulations, you have survived another trip around the Sun!

  • Jundroo 10th Anniversary Wallpaper 6 months ago

    @WarHawk95 No, but since you asked...

    As 1) this is a non-commercial work, 2) it has no negative effect or impact on the company or their market, and 3) it is a "transformative" use of the material ("Transformative uses are those that add something new, with a further purpose or different character, and do not substitute for the original use of the work.", https://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html ), my use of the Jundroo logo qualifies as "Fair Use" under the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107.

    Woo I looked up legal stuff 🙃

  • some XML suggestions to reduce pain 3 months ago


  • SP Is GPU Bound Now... 3 months ago

    The next logical step is to just model the entire thing and make a one-part airliner.

  • FINALLY i bought simpleplanes in PC 5 months ago

    Time to re-learn how to fly

  • Jundroo account be like 25 days ago

    me on my way to upvote every single post by Jundroo in a frantic attempt to maintain the balance

  • You know what day it is? 4 months ago

    It's still the 5th for me for another 8 hours, but

    We've been training for years, now we're ready to strike

    The great operation begins

  • German Corsair VR 5 months ago

    I knew this would happen eventually

  • Okay. Genuine question. 5 months ago

    I mean... I've basically played it since shortly after the original iOS release, so...

  • Nerfaddict's Announcements : Finished high school 3 months ago


  • About Android Compatibility 4 months ago

    Allow me to explain in the form of a haiku

    Google did a bad
    Android mods cannot be had
    Google makes you sad

    Basically Google took away modding support for Android.

  • Jundroo turns 10 years old today 6 months ago

    Oh man, has it really been 10 years?

    I started with SimplePhysics and shortly thereafter moved on to SimpleRockets, which I had an absolute blast with (pun fully intended). I can't say for certain, but I'm fairly confident that I first got SimplePlanes within a week or two of the original mobile release, and then basically stuck with it ever since. Haven't ventured into SR2 yet, but I recall at least trying out Aero Effect.

    Happy birthday Jundroo, and here's to 10 more years!

  • Unlisted Successor posts not notifying the original builder one month ago

    This would definitely be appreciated.

  • I am the owner of simple planes 4 months ago

    No you are not.

  • Lost Jundroo game 4 months ago

    SimpleWheels was indeed made by the Jundroo team. Here's the announcement on their site.

    Make sure you check the date it was posted...

  • I have a question..... 4 months ago

    I think it technically is a hull, since the International Maritime Organization classifies ekranoplans as ships rather than aircraft (kinda like a hovercraft. It's not in the water really, but it's not really capable of true flying either).

  • What is this island? 5 months ago

    I've been there before, not much there. It's the most interesting of the random small islands that really only exist to say "hey, there's something in this direction" for those who don't already know where stuff like Maywar is.

    Interestingly, they don't exist on mobile.

  • [controversial title] 6 months ago

    [generally confused response]

  • When you realize that SR2 isnt about planes 22 days ago

    when you realize that the R in SR2 does not stand for Plane

  • How do I make the detach force of a detacher super high without moving the plane itself? one month ago

    Alternatively, violate Newton's 3rd law quickly and easily by setting the mass of everything connected to the detacher (everything that will be "detached") to 0!

  • **STOP ASKING FOR TAGS** one month ago

    A fantastic and intriguing brief look at your upcoming creation, fellow user! If you would be so kind, would you remember to mention my username in the comments section of this creation (once it is posted), that I may receive a notification and access it more quickly?
    Much obliged,
    - HuskyDynamics

  • I'm totally stressed out... I am now on a GREAT DESPAIR! one month ago

    Hmm... What if instead of just straight-up kicking it, you just add another pair of brackets below one of the bottom spots (to have a match between the bottom two competitors to determine who gets the #8 spot)?

  • Random Helicopter/Propeller Tips: 4 months ago

    Ok, I had no idea that you could put helicopter blades on propeller engines. That's pretty cool!

  • Minecraft Shulker 4 months ago

    - Looks fabulous and works great (like seriously, your builds somehow keep getting even better)
    - Ocelot gets a fun box to play with
    - Ocelot do be driftin tho

    - Lacks effective anti-ocelot defensive measures
    - I'm a little creeped out by the walking animation
    - RIP Horse

  • I’m quitting SimplePlanes, you should too. 4 months ago

    Anyone else remember the year and a half between 1.7 and 1.8?

  • I'm serious 5 months ago


  • 1-2-3-4 I declare a point war 5 months ago

    5-6-7-8 I prob'ly shouldn't participate

  • AF-55B 'Adelaide' (16 Parts) 5 months ago

    @X99STRIKER haha fake internet points go whee

  • Just teasin' ya m8 5 months ago

    You don't need the A key if you want to roll 45 degrees to the left. Just roll 315 degrees to the right! It's m a t h

  • SimplePlanes OCD 5 months ago

    Actually I find #1 to be even worse when it's the entire plane that's slightly offset

  • Detection range 5 months ago

    No, the 10 mile limit is hard-coded into the game for ground targets. Air targets have an unlimited detection range, but ships, tanks, and trucks can only be detected from 10 miles or less.

  • Testing help, SPR (resolved) 25 days ago

    I'd be glad to test it (again!)

  • [SOLVED] Is the coding language of SimplePlanes Python? 29 days ago

    SimplePlanes uses Funky Trees (which most people tend to abbreviate as "FT"), which is its own unique coding language and syntax. It's probably a little more like Java or C++ than Python, but taking Python classes will definitely give you a head start for working with and understanding code.

    The best FT resource currently available is undoubtedly Snow's Funky Trees Guide, if you want to read through that as well (highly recommended!)

  • Antonov An-12 one month ago


  • Update suggestions one month ago

    Definitely these would be good, but ESPECIALLY #11! There have been so many times that I've been working on something and then realized "wait, this won't work, because the guns/brakes can't have custom inputs". I would love that feature so much!

    Also, how are glass fuselage cones not a thing?

  • How to get to the Funkytrees code for parts like pistons to make them automatic one month ago

    Set the input of the piston to Activate4, and that should work.

  • Do people want doors? one month ago

    I'd say add doors if you think it won't have too much of an impact on the part count (like, more than 50-75 parts maybe), but not if it means you'll have to redo the entire side of the car if you like what you've got already. It's totally fine if there's no doors, but working doors are always a bit more "cool".

    Definitely tag me on it when you post it though.

  • Following 2000 Players And Counting. one month ago

    You people need to stop lol

  • hinge rotator bug one month ago

    The reason this happens is because activation groups (and quite a few other possible inputs) don't output a value of 0. When on, they output 1, but when off they output -1. (This is intentional by the way)

  • my dog one month ago

    Simba is a good boy

  • I OWN Simpleplanes! one month ago

    @BeastHunter Yep, I remember a few months ago when they claimed they were working on "the new update" and tried to ping like eight people in a single comment.

  • I OWN Simpleplanes! one month ago

    Given that one of your two aircraft was just removed for being a direct, non-credited copy of someone else's, the fact that your comments history is nothing but lies and harassment, and the fact that your account was created six months ago yet the first aircraft uploaded to the site was posted eight years ago... I rather doubt that.

  • Poll (Alco RS27) 2 months ago

    Hmm... I would normally be biased towards the UP, but I'm really liking that demonstrator paint scheme.

  • I'm serious. How long is the average Banana 2 months ago

    Well, the USDA defines the "average" banana length as being between 7 and 8 inches.

    The website Banana For Scale gives slightly over 7 inches as equivalent to one banana, which means that one banana is (on average) approximately 0.178 meters.

  • Untitled 3 months ago

  • A-10 CIWS 3 months ago

    This is way funnier than it should be

  • Ship 3 months ago


  • can you upvote your post? 4 months ago

    You cannot upvote your own posts.

  • SimplePlanes names if they were animals 4 months ago

    I am 4 Parallel Universes ahead of you