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Heyo! Im Hurricane!
I'm just a big dumb Folf that loves to chat!
I'm 14 years old‚ I absolutely LOVE planes and anything to do with aerodynamics‚ My favorite planes are the F/A - 18 Hornet and The A - 10 Thunderbolt II· I have flown real planes·
I love rock / metal ex; Slipknot‚ Green Day‚ Nirvana‚ My Chemical Romance‚ and The Black Keys! I play bass·
I'm Bisexual‚ and Non - Binary·
I'm a babyfur / little·

I've been playing Simpleplanes for about 4 years now, I played on iPad, moved to PC. I also play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and Digital Combat Simulator. I own a Thrustmaster HOTAS 4, and a Thrustmaster T16000M, (Thrust and Throttle, Maybe Rudder Pedals soon!?) My PC has a RTX 1650 Super, and a Ryzen 7. Thanks for reading my bio, and have a great day!

Previously known as PDKFilms